Spam of the Week – Show us Your Sapphire Earrings

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks around here, but we are finally settled down enough to return to some of our community-suggested spam. Let’s take a look at some sapphire earrings, shall we? We’re dropping these famous earrings into the mix to start the conversation off. This is serious biz, folks, no April fooling around here ; ).

Princess Diana wore these sapphire cluster and drop earrings a lot back in the eighties and nineties, often paired with her enormous sapphire choker. There is some debate whether these were reset into a new configuration by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. I have stared at these photos and it just doesn’t seem possible to me – Kate’s look faceted and as far as I can tell, Diana’s were cabochons. I am putting them in the poll as separate choices. But I am no expert so if you convince me otherwise, I’ll combine them.

Spam your choices in the comments, and if you want people to vote for them add them to the poll as well. You can come back and vote in the poll as many times as you like. However, this is a fast and furious poll, and it will close down Saturday at noon ET. Look for Bits next week to see what makes the top ten.

Hofdame Choices

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Baguette Choices

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Give us your favorite sapphire earrings.