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Spam the Evening Capes, Coats, and Cloaks

I know many of you have been waiting a long time, in some cases years, for this post. Let’s do it. We’ll start you off with a few, but there are so many more out there waiting to be brought to the light!

Princess and Queen Anne Marie loves a good evening cloak. Here she is pre-wedding in a lovely feminine cloak.

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In her more classic years, she has opted for the substantial cloak.

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Was there ever anyone more glamorous than Queen Sirikit during her early tenure? I think not – this coat is truly a sight to behold (don’t get distracted by the necklace!)

I have no recollection of this outing, but Queen Letizia looks ultra floaty here. This is an excellent example of a cloak covering but adding no bulk at all!

Let’s see your favorite evening cloaks and coats!