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Spam the Hemline – Tea-Length and Intermission

Tea Length – A hem length falling below mid-calf and above the ankle, typically three to four inches above the ankle.


The definition of tea-length and midi can get mighty close, although it appears the general consensus is that tea-length is a bit longer, and often more dressy. A midi, by definition, is closer to mid-calf. In any event, there might be some cross over but let’s look for longer lengths!

Crown Princess Mary, with her varied wardrobe, is the gift that always gives for these posts. Here she is in an oft-repeated brocade tea-length skirt. A fine repeat it is, too.

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With her height, the Duchess of Cambridge can wear tea-length elegantly. Here is she is a sparkly number that floats gently above ankle length.

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The Queen of Spain wears all dress lengths with ease, including the tea-length.

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This is simply my favorite tea-length ever. With her incredibly long legs, it does fall slightly higher but I am calling it for this length because of the FLOAT. I can’t wait until Princess Elisabeth is more on the scene, royal-wise, but anticipation is a gift and I must accept it humbly.

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