Spam the Kate – The Duchess is 39!

The world is crazy and it’s the very definition of the “gray dead of winter” where I sit. Let’s do an unexpected weekend post and liven it up in our little refuge. It’s time to spam some favorite Catherine looks for her birthday. She is consistent and loyal and I think we all might need a little of those underrated qualities this weekend. I’m sticking with pregnancy looks here but you should let your Kate flag fly.

I *loved* this dress and would dearly love to see it again. 2013, during a visit to the Action on Addiction Treatment Center.

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Boy, do I love a good royal lady ponytail. And this coat remains a favorite pregnancy ensemble for me. 2015, at a visit to Resort Studios.

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Great pregnancy look during the 2018 Scandinavian tour – hair, coat and handbag are all on point.

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Happy birthday, Duchess! May you have a beautiful year.