Spam the Max Factor – Queen Maxima is 50!

Housekeeping Note: If you are looking for discussion on Prince Christian’s confirmation, see our Saturday Open Post. If you are looking for Bits, that will be tomorrow’s post.

Yes, The Queen is fifty, and a sparkling fifty to boot. So in honor of this fine day, let’s show some vintage Maxima-Never-Minima appreciation. Spam anything you think makes Max shine. One of her tiara outings? Put it out there. One of her trademark Slice Hats? Bring it ON! One of her patented super-smiling outings? Lay it on us.

We’ll start you off.

The Bag – The benefit of being the one to start these posts is that I have my choice of the bestest of the best outings and in this case, I chose her appearance at an official state banquet hosted by President Ram Nath Kovind at the Presidential Palace on October 14, 2019, in New Delhi, India. Máxima wore a one-shoulder dress thought to be by Jan Taminiau. The gown is fashioned from a real Indian sari, which she bought during the state visit to India in 2007. The fabric was purchased in Jaipur, also known as the pink city, because of all the pink buildings. She has accessorized to the ultimate Max level here, wearing the Dutch Diamond bandeau, and oh, so much more.

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My second choice is her appearance at Martha Louise and Ari Behn’s wedding. An early orange appearance, the gown is both bold and delicate. The best part is the jewels, though. The Dutch Diamond Trellis necklace paired with the Pearl Button tiara in the star configuration? Sign me up.

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LG: I’ve never been much of a rule follower, so I’m tossing two in here.

The first is from the wedding, her very first Maxtastic appearance!

The second is an official portrait, and besides gorgeous Max, there is a gorgeous room!

LiL: I have two as well! When someone asks me, “What is your favorite Máxtastic outfit?” these two immediately pop into my head. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but to me they are *chef’s kiss*! First up is the outfit worn to the wedding of Guillaume and Stephanie in 2012. I love the colors, and that hat! Add in the OTT sleeves, and this is Max at her finest.

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Next up is the GORGEOUS Taminiau from Carl-Philip and Sofia’s wedding in 2015. This is GLORIOUS. The styling is to die for (much better than at WAX’s inauguration in 2013, where it made it’s first appearance) that necklace is in my top five favorite necklaces ever, and that hair. *Swoon*. I even like the “suspension-bridge” tiara! Tres magnifique, Máxima. Tres magnifique!

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OC: Ok, my first pick is from 2010 at the Danish queen’s 70th birthday party. This fabulous printed Carolina Herrera was the perfect black tie dress paired with a perfect black tie tiara. LOVE.

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My second pick is this simple but stunning light blue day dress from the introductory visit to Spain shortly after Wax’s inauguration. It’s an unusual color choice for the new queen in terms of fabric and she accessorized beautifully with aquamarines. Don’t forget the diamond butterfly brooch in the royal lady ponytail!

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Give us your Maxtastic best!