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Spam the Neckline – Jewel

Here’s our official definition: A jewel neckline is a rounded style that circles around the base of the neck closely, typically covering the collarbone. It was designed to do just what it says: display necklaces against the fabric of the dress. The neckline is collarless, so jewels lay flat. The trick is to position the jewelry so it doesn’t fight with the neckline.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

Victoria is a jewel neckline lover. The dress below has a neckline that contains illusion fabric and Victoria has obligingly iced it up with Princess Lilian’s corsage necklce.

Mary has the combination of the jewel neckline and necklace down pat, not surprising for one who adds sophistication to all she does. The gold dress below was worn in an official photo, and Mary accessorized with the Danish ruby necklace and pendants. Look how perfectly that necklace follows the neckline! She also changed it up for the New Year’s levees, with a different sash, but the same excellent necklace placement.

Mary displays here talents again in her red gown with a jewel neckline, both jeweled up (rubies again!) and not.

Anne Marie shows some classic Queening with her pearls adorning her jewel neckline.

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At times, a jewel neckline needs no jewels to make a statement. I think Mette-Marit demonstrates that minimalism perfectly.

What about it? How do you feel about the jewel neckline? Let’s see some of your favorites.