Spam the Neckline – Keyhole

A neckline with a circle, oval, or slit cut into or near the front or back, giving a shape resembling a keyhole.

Webster’s Dictionary

I can’t decide if it’s an unusual neckline or not. I tend to think there aren’t many around and then – voila – a quick Google search proves me wrong.

I’m sticking with Crown Princess Mary for this post because as I’ve mentioned before, she is the gift that keeps giving when it comes to necklines. She likes variety.

Here she is, in a classic keyhole.

Embed from Getty Images

Is this a peasant neckline with a keyhole? Whatever it is, it works!

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She sports a banded neckline and a banded keyhole here, for a little twist on a theme.

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Spam the keyholes. Remember the definition above says front or back of the neckline, so that opens up possibilities.