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Spam the Royal Lady Pantsuit

Or Trouser Suit. Trouserpant suit. Whatever you prefer.

This is a complete change in plans. The original post on the schedule was spamming turtlenecks, and we’ll get to it, I promise. Today, however, turtlenecks are too hot to contemplate *and* Crown Princess Mary recently wore a most excellent ensemble. Off we go into the royal lady pantsuit world.

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Mary attended a Danish Industry conference focused on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Heaven and the UfoNoMore gang have been on the case and identified everything, from the Massimo Dutti pink pantsuit, the Gianvito Rossi pink python pumps, Gucci glasses (LOVE THEM), and Chanel bag. Pop over there to see some good photos.

While we are at it, Queen Mathilde attended the last day of the 2021 Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition wearing a blue Carolina Herrera trouser ensemble. It’s probably just me, but designers sure seem to be adding a lot of extra fabric to their designs lately. The color is flattering, though, and overall I wish for more Herrera in her future. Queen Paola and King Albert were there, and, of course, so was the perfect escort, King Philippe. For more photos, ModekoninginMathilde has you covered.

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These are recent examples but don’t limit yourselves. You can talk about these designs or spam away to your heart’s content, as long as the subject is trouser pants worn by the royals.