Starter Tiaras – Crown Princess Victoria

Here we go, another new series here at the Handbag!

In this series of posts we’re going to be talking Starter Tiaras, starting with the first tiaras of some of our favorite royal ladies, and working up to guessing/wishing/praying for the Starter Tiaras for the next generation of royal women.

And to kick this series off with a bang, we’re diving way into the back of Crown Princess Victoria’s vault and her first tiara.

This was Victoria’s 18th birthday present from King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia, and she started wearing it to tiara events in 1995. As you can see, it’s a mostly metal design, with what we are told are small diamonds and sapphires.

As Victoria dove deeper into the Swedish Vaults this one has taken a backseat to larger pieces, and it doesn’t seem that she has worn it since around 2007.

What do you think of Victoria's first tiara?

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