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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

A major summer storm blew out my electricity for two days so this Bits and Bobs may be Bit -tier than usual. Onward!


I suppose that Daisy considers her whirlwind of activity a vacation, but it’s hardly disappearing from the world. They have caught her relaxing here, and I want a better glimpse of that watercolor.

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Sommerhilsen fra Château de Cayx, hvor Hendes Majestæt Dronningen opholder sig i disse uger. I år er det 45 år siden, at Majestæten og Prins Henrik købte det franske vinslot. Købet kom i stand under et sommerophold i Prinsens barndomshjem Le Cayrou i 1974, da Regentparret hørte, at slottet var sat til salg. Kort tid efter kunne Dronningen og Prinsen kalde sig for slotsejere i Frankrig. Med en beliggenhed på blot 15 kilometer fra Prins Henriks barndomshjem har Château de Cayx en helt særlig placering, og om købet af slottet har Prins Henrik i en bog fra 2004 sagt, at ”i løbet af meget kort tid var vi derfor blevet de lykkelige ejere af et smukt lille vinslot i et af Frankrigs skønneste områder, tæt på min familie.” Gennem årene har Château de Cayx været den kongelige families base i Frankrig. I Prins Henriks levetid tilbragte Dronningen og Prinsen flere uger på det franske vinslot hver sommer, og denne tradition har Hendes Majestæt fortsat efter Prins Henriks død. 📸 Jacob Jørgensen, Kongehuset ©

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Talk about working, Bhutan has been hopping. Both a visit from the Indian Prime Minister and a private, official visit from Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko and Prince Hisahito began last week. Because there can never ever be enough Bhutan, we’ll put all the photos here. Kiko had a great arrival suit, which you can view more closely at New My Royals.

Fabric swooning.

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19 August 2019: His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen granted an Audience to Their Imperial Highnesses Crown Prince and Crown Princess Akishino and Prince Hisahito of Japan at the Golden Throne Room of the Tashichhodzong this morning. The Imperial Family were escorted in a ceremonial Chipdrel procession to the Dzong. Following the Audience, the Japanese Imperial Family were invited to lunch at the Lingkana Palace. The Imperial Family arrived in Bhutan on Saturday for a private visit on the invitation of His Majesty The King. #KingJigmeKhesar #KingofBhutan #QueenJetsunPema #QueenofBhutan #PrinceJigmeNamgyel #Bhutan #CrownPrinceAkishino #CrownPrincessAkishino #PrinceHisahito #Japan

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The heirs have a play date.

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19 August 2019: His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen granted an Audience to Their Imperial Highnesses Crown Prince and Crown Princess Akishino and Prince Hisahito of Japan at the Golden Throne Room of the Tashichhodzong this morning. The Imperial Family were escorted in a ceremonial Chipdrel procession to the Dzong. Following the Audience, the Japanese Imperial Family were invited to lunch at the Lingkana Palace. The Imperial Family arrived in Bhutan on Saturday for a private visit on the invitation of His Majesty The King. #KingJigmeKhesar #KingofBhutan #QueenJetsunPema #QueenofBhutan #PrinceJigmeNamgyel #Bhutan #CrownPrinceAkishino #CrownPrincessAkishino #PrinceHisahito #Japan

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Queens in Training

Princess Estelle has started first grade. Or grade one, depending on your country and point of view. She looks very Swedish, very mature and very happy, doesn’t she? May her school days continue in this way.

Bagger Mailbag

From our geogirl, a fabulous dress actually worn by Queen Elizabeth I.

Are you interested in old school dentistry? You are warned, this gets a tad creepy: Marie Antoinette and her teeth. Also courtesy of geogirl!

What did I miss?

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Summer is winding down, at least for some folks. School doesn’t start here until after our Labor Day in September, but in many parts of the world it begins next week. It seems that many royals are grabbing some last minute vacation time. Let’s take a look at what is going on as August marches on.


I feel like we get a glorious travelogue as the Danes and Swedes vacation in their respective countries. They are pretty good Chamber of Commerce representatives because these snaps are making me want to visit both countries. First up, gorgeous Sweden and a surprisingly happy Oscar and big kid Estelle.

The Danes are touring their own country also. I am a bit disturbed that every royal woman seems to have fantastic legs. Is it a requirement? Is this why I am not royal? Questions that dog me during the dog days of August.


The Grand Duke was called to duty to visit the site of a tornado in Luxembourg. I was horrified to hear that Luxembourg had tornadoes – it was like hearing about a snowstorm in Miami. This is just not something I expected to happen.

This and That

Here is something fun! Thanks to one of our eagle-eyed readers, this interview with Edouard Vermeulen of Natan and Fabienne Delvigne – mostly subtitled in English – has been unearthed. It’s about 13 minutes long so schedule it for your lunch hour ; ).

I think I mentioned last week that I am on a bit of a Queen Maud kick. We posted some photos of Sonja visiting the “Queens Meetings” exhibit back in June. The exhibit ends on August 25 and the royal house posted a fun clip of some of the exhibit on their website. I am hoping someone who speaks Norwegian can give us a translation because the dresses are gorgeous. I think it’s about how Maud brought the tradition of afternoon tea to Norway but don’t quote me on it. Just look at the pretty dresses!

This isn’t new – it ran on the BBC website back in April – but I just managed to get back to read it. It’s an interesting piece on some of the negotiations and plans discussed during the waning days of World War II, and Queen Wilhemina and King George VI are featured.

Here is a beautiful scarf commissioned for the “Queen Victoria’s Palace” exhibition. Alas, I will be nowhere near Great Britain this summer or I would pick up a scarf or two for Christmas gifts.

So….what did I miss?

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

We’re just going to jump in, ok?


Summertime is cousin time in the British Royal Family. It’s true generation after generation and the Tindall/Phillips clan keeps it going.

As do Charles, David Linley, and the Chattos.

Can we take a moment to admire the sartorial efforts of Miss Mia Tindall and her snazzy shoes?


Check out Hisako’s hat!

Rania’s 49th birthday is August 31st, which stunned me. She has been working away all summer, wearing a series of crisp poplin shirts that I find super flattering for her. Wearing white in the brilliant Jordanian sun always wins.

Speaking of brilliant, stylish white clothes, Her Majesty Olori Silekunola Moronke Ogunwusi, Yeyeluwa Oodua and queen consort of Ife-Ife Kingdom was gorgeous in white here.

Here is a potential job for an enterprising Baggers: Run Buckingham Palace, and perhaps encounter the Queen herself on occasion. One of our London based Baggers will have to tell us if one can survive in London on 50K a year – although I suppose your housing would be provided.

This and That

Then again you may not want the housing at Buck House. The next link comes with a trigger warning, and I am being serious, not facetious. The History Channel has an entry on the history of royal palaces focusing on the Middle Ages. Do not click on the link and read if you can’t tolerate descriptions of squalor and bodily functions, because there are detailed descriptions of both. If you are strong of stomach and mind, you will find the descriptions of how large numbers of people in the royal courts lived together, day to day. It’s not pretty, but it’s fascinating and, if you are like me, it will make you very glad to live in the 21st century. H/T to our geogirl, for bringing this to our attention.

The fabulous “An Historian About Town” recommends a some fashion and fashion/royal books. I have added several to my own list.

Are you a Marvel fan? Samuel L. Jackson has been on a voyage of discovery in the Kingdom of Gabon, and I am so very touched by his posts. After learning about his ancestors in the PBS show “Finding Your Roots”, he decided to travel to both Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Here he meets the King of Benga.

Auntie Astrid turned 87 years young last FEBRUARY (thanks Ween!). Lets all just appreciate what a treasure we have.

Speaking of birthdays, The Queen Mother of Bhutan, the mother of the current Bhutanese king Jigme Wangchuck, turned 60 in June. I feel that publishing her photo might create a stampede to the country in search of the fountain of youth.

Ok, what did I miss?

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Summertime summertime summertime summertime summertime….. Let’s see what bits float by us while everyone is hidden away in various palaces and summer homes.


This woman just simply can’t sit still. She is on holiday, and appearing everywhere, looking spiffy. Love this hat, Daisy. Find about two dozen more like it and wear them all the time!

Here is another one with endless energy. She’s on maternity leave and guest editing the September issue of Vogue. Although given publication schedules, it was all pretty much in the books before she began her leave. According to Emily Andrews, Meghan won’t be on the cover. Instead it will feature a montage of women she admires.

Rania visited the community of Al Salt, and it’s obvious that she is beloved there.

Zara and Mike Tindall made an appearance on BBC’s Top Gear – I think that classifies as WORKING.


Well, hello! Look who was spotted strolling around on holiday. And looking as cutely coordinated as ever.

Wedding in Monaco

This isn’t really royal, but there is lots of royal adjacency underfoot. Louis Ducruet, the son of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, married his college sweetheart Marie Chevallier. Although it was mostly a family affair, a few photos and some interesting tidbits of information surfaced. The civil ceremony was held at the Prince’s palace, and the bride wore an open-necked Rosa Clara jumpsuit. So help me, from the released photos, I *really* like this departure from the usual.

The religious ceremony was held at the Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate, where Grace Kelly married Prince Ranier. The dress was designed by the Atelier Boisanger, a Parisian design house, in conjunction with Pauline Ducruet, the groom’s sister. In a lovely touch, before leaving the cathedral, the couple stopped at the vault containing the graves of Ranier and Grace to lay flowers.

I peered at this photo and blew it up to look at Beatrice’s hat, which some say is a repeat of a hat Caroline wore at the civil service of Charlene and Albert, way back in 2011. I mourn the lack of close-ups because I love that hat. Stephanie looks fabulous here, as well.

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For the reception, the bride changed into another Rosa Clara creation, one that proves she is not shy about changing tradition.

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It’s celebration time! Impressive Marie Chevallier wore one of our unique designs as her second wedding dress for her church ceremony. She selected an amazing lace dress with a beautiful deep neckline, subtle beaded appliqués and a bold short hemline under a spectacular extra-soft tulle and embroidered overskirt – the perfect blend of striking statement, elegance and sophistication! A marvelous wedding full of love, charm and happiness. We have enjoyed so much the design of both dresses, it’s been a pleasure. Congratulations once again! __ ¡Hora de celebrar! Rosa Clará ha diseñado el segundo vestido de la boda religiosa de Marie Chevallier. Hablamos de un vestido “two looks in one”; es un atrevido diseño corto y de pronunciado escote confeccionado con encaje y sutiles apliques de pedrería con una espectacular sobrefalda de tul extra suave y encaje bordado. ¡La combinación perfecta para arriesgar de forma elegante y sofisticada! Hemos disfrutado muchísimo de la creación de ambos vestidos para la preciosa boda real de Marie Chevallier y Louis Ducruet. ¡Enhorabuena nuevamente! __ Thank you Bruno Bebert for this special picture! #RosaClara #RoyalWedding #BridalFashion #Monaco

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So, what else is up in the royal world?

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

When we started blogging about royals we were told that we would struggle to find material in the summer months. I have to ask: when does that start? There is so much going on, let’s get going!

Emperors, Kings and Queens in Training

The Japanese Imperial Family is going on vacation, and the Imperial heirs will travel separately. The Crown Prince will travel to Bhutan first, and Prince HIsahito and Princess Kiko will arrive together, later.

Prince George is six and his mummy is commemorating the date with her patented Catherine Camera Angles. She has really gotten good at capturing those moments. As an aside, does it seem like six years to all of you? When we were all staring at the Lindo Wing door for days?

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This is SO GOOD. Backstage with Elisabeth at King Philippe’s national day address. She is really stepping forward these days and is emerging as an elegant and poised young woman.

The Dutch royal family posted a photo of Max and Wax and three random adults in flowing summer dresses. Just kidding! The Dutch princesses are racing toward adulthood, though. I am intrigued in particular by our budding fashionista Alexia’s Sandro Paris dress.

The Queen in Training, Amalia, is also wearing the brand. Each princess was photographed alone, and I am completely fascinated by the photo featuring the heir. She already looks comfortable in the role. It’s interesting to trace the family dynamic in photos, from the three little girls all dressed alike to this point in time, when their personalities shine separately.

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Here is a tip from one of our readers: “If you search for “Willem & Maxima interview” (or some approximation) on YouTube, you’ll come across a 9. 5” video of the shoot.  It shows so much more of the family loving dynamics and the girls’ very teenage primping & self consciousness.”

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Here is a great way to spend summer: hanging with granny and gramps. Based on the photo of what is left of dinner, I wish I had been invited. Great summer shift on Olympia, too.

Balmoral has bats! And the Queen doesn’t mind, not at all. In fact, they enhance her holiday experience ; ).


Some possible tiara action in October! The Belgian royals will pay a visit to Luxembourg from October 15 to October 17.

Actual Queens a-Queening and some Classic Princess Action

I love these two, what else can I say? Summer suits Daisy, in particular.

Princess Alexandra charms the socks off the community of Telford.

Whew! What did I miss?