Denmark · Norway · Sweden

Bosom Buddies–Scandanavian Heirs

Victoria of Sweden, Frederik of Denmark, and Haakon of Norway are the Scandanavian heirs to their respective thrones. Through historical alliances and marriages, they (and their spouses) are related to varying degrees and to all appearances are quite friendly with each other. Could this photo BE any more Scandanavian?? Enjoy this cute little slideshow found… Continue reading Bosom Buddies–Scandanavian Heirs

Netherlands · Spain

Bosom Buddies-Beatrix & Sofía

Beatrix of the Netherlands and Sofía of Spain always seem to enjoy each other's company. One lady a Queen Regnant and one lady a Queen Consort, state visits along with gala celebrations and many other opportunities have given us some lovely photos of these ladies over the years. Here we have some love upon Spain's… Continue reading Bosom Buddies-Beatrix & Sofía