Random Royaling – Daisy Welcomes 79

I sound like an old person but didn’t Daisy just turn 75? We just had a big party and all. Time is a flying, and things are a changing. Christian is morphing into Fred, Isabella is wearing Mary’s Massimo Dutti Reversible coat, Josephine has emerged as a family style queen, and Vincent – well, he still charms every woman in his path.

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Heaven has tentatively identified Mary’s green coat as Theory, and it seems as good a guess as any!

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The Tour Companies

Two of the major European royal houses have sent senior royals out on official tours this week. Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederick are in Argentina, and Princes Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are making an historic visit to the Caribbean, including Cuba. Spoiler alert: so far, it’s all been good!

Queen Margrethe was greeted by Argentine President Mauricio Macri and his wife First Lady Juliana Awada at the welcoming ceremony at Casa Rosada Presidential Palace. The magic of Awada made what was a rather dowdy dress look rather fun. Maybe it’s the ponytail? For more of her magic, see our other post today. Daisy is, well, colorful!

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Denmark’s mother and son of course appeared together, enjoying some bonding along with their work. I am not entirely sure why Daisy is balancing a folded shawl on her shoulder, although I suppose the answer is that “it’s Daisy”. Fred, your tailor is weeping over the length of your pants. It’s a good thing you two are adorable together, because I am sweeping this all aside.

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Yesterday, we discussed Daisy’s flowing flower dress, but she has also had a run of pink and white on this trip. I think some of her back issues interfere with the lines on these ensembles, but I got distracted from that by counting the number of Daisy earrings and brooches she has donned. Maybe that’s her strategy? Words cannot express my happiness over the lack of beanie hats and the appearance of brims.

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Fred always finds adventure. Let’s not forget this a man who injured his neck on a trampoline at close to fifty. It’s no surprise to find him trying out some new things in Argentina. He tried out “Powerchair Football” – don’t expect me to explain it – and kicked around an actual football. Then he hopped on top of a windmill, because, well, that’s Fred.

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Heading over to the Caribbean, Charles arrived in town first. He did some pre-schmoozing with Lionel Richie, who represents another of the “celebrities who meet royals and get giddy” school.

Clarence House

Camilla has joined up with Charles and they toured both Barbados and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. I’ll let you in on a secret that is no secret: I am not always a fan of Camilla’s caftans. I love them on this type of tour, however. The flowing tunics and caftans suit the islands, the weather and the personality of the Duchess. They also are tremendously practical in the heat, particularly done up in these light colors. I love that Camilla carries an umbrella, which I would do in that weather. I also love to the point of distraction, the blingy white day/evening caftan paired with those silver shoes. Click through to see the array of flowing caftans and tunics!

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It is difficult to impossible to find much information on the day wear of senior royal women, which leads me to speculate that they employ discreet dressmakers, who run up their clothes in deep recesses of the palace, a la Bobo style. If you don’t know the Bobo reference, you really should.

What’s your take? Are the senior royals representing well?

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Dynamic Duos

Royaling is first and foremost a family business, and the family aspect came to the forefront this week as the royals traveled in pairs. The matriarchs of these families have over 100 years of total service to their countries. Let’s just be honored that we are lucky enough to live now, and to witness it.

Princess Mabel and Princess Beatrix attended the presentation of the 5th Prince Friso engineering award at ASML in Veldhoven. The award is in honor of the Prince, who studied Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering of the University of California at Berkeley (USA) and at the Technical University of Delft. Prince Friso died in 2013, after a skiing accident.

This year’s award went to Maja Rudinac. She developed a robot walker, which assists those who have difficulty with movement.

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Yes, I still occasionally suffer from lace fatigue, and I find myself squinting at the sleeves on both women. However, overall they look utterly themselves and I am so chuffed by the continued nurturing of the memory of Friso that I will definitely overlook this.

Lest you think something was missing from Mabel’s ensemble, look closely at the shoulder of her coat. Yes, there is the bow.

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The monarch and the monarch-but-one of Denmark are making an official visit to Argentina. On Day one, Fred and Daisy made a stop at Yacht Club in Buenos Aires, and mother and son spent some time chatting up all the officials, as you do on such a stop, and grinning at each other.

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Daisy’s lovely fresh dress is a repeat, last seen during a visit with the French president. Fred, well, who really knows what Fred is wearing? He is looking rather laddish and charming and that’s enough.

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Queen Elizabeth visited Kings College to open Bush House, the latest education and learning facilities on the Strand Campus, in central London. The Queen was resplendent in pink, and sported the Small Pink and Diamond brooch. She brought Kate along for company and to share a few belly laughs. The Duchess wore Catherine Walker and her new Gianvito block pumps, which I covet like no one’s business. What Kate Wore has a whole breakdown on her outfit, as usual.

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Three appearances and six royals, all in one fell swoop. We are all about value around here, folks! What’s your take on these ladies and gent?


Skiing in Sweden

This weekend the Vasaloppet cross country ski race was held in Sweden. The race is held on the first Sunday in March, and is the oldest cross country ski race in the world. The 90 km (56mi) course starts in the village of Sälen and ends in the town of Mora in northwestern Dalarna, Sweden .

This year Prince Carl Philip of Sweden was one of the participants.

CP isn’t the only royal, or royal adjacent person to complete the race; King Carl XVI Gustaf has done the race three times.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

Pippa Middleton

And James Middleton

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Hope everyone had a good race today!