Glitter Giveaway-Queen Elizabeth

OK, now this one is going to be tough. Elizabeth has LOTS of everything...necklaces, brooches, badges, necklaces, earrings, tiaras, and crowns. Embed from Getty Images What doesn't she have? What piece of jewelry would complete the jewel vault of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary? Share your photos of the pieces you think she should have and tell… Continue reading Glitter Giveaway-Queen Elizabeth


Glitter Giveaway-The Princess of Orange

Her Royal Highness The Princess of Orange, Princess of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau may only be 16 years old at the time of this post, but her family's vault is home to many impressive pieces of jewelry. Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria turns 18 on 07 December 2021 so let's take some time and envision… Continue reading Glitter Giveaway-The Princess of Orange

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Glitter Giveaway – Queens-in-Training and Their Sisters

From our community member Mitten Mary, and a couple other members who I have unfortunately forgotten. Speak up in the comments if this was your idea ; ). For this glitter giveaway, we are taking on the topic of starter tiaras. Some of the starter tiaras of the past have been sad disappointments (poor Princess… Continue reading Glitter Giveaway – Queens-in-Training and Their Sisters


Glitter Giveaway-Princess Charlene

So, Princess Charlene of Monaco. She has a few tiaras to choose from, however she simply does not wear them. I'll share two videos about the creation of her Diamond Foam Aigrette (worn backwards during celebrations) and her Ocean parure. This Princess has STRONG earring game. What pieces would you like to add… Continue reading Glitter Giveaway-Princess Charlene