Hofdame Hall of Fame – Princess Margaret Day Wear

The poll is closed and the winner is in. The community is all about Horrocks!

Welcome to the Hofdame Hall of Fame, where we all weigh in on iconic looks of our favorite royals. We are changing it up a bit this week by reaching back into history and stepping away from evening wear. Let’s all weigh in on Princess Margaret and her day wear. For purposes of this very loosely defined activity, we are calling anything worn during the day, daywear.

I will say, for me, it was a pleasant and glamorous look back. Pearls, gloves and hats galore! Margaret’s heyday was definitely the fifties, when the tight-waisted and full skirted silhouette really flattered her incredible figure.

Our first place winner is this lovely lightly patterned dress with an inset at the neckline and full skirt. She wore this on at least two occasions in the early fifties, the wedding of Angela Dowding and a trip to Ascot. It was full of interesting detail, incredibly flattering to her figure, and accessorized to perfection.

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A very, very close second – in fact it was neck and neck – was this Horrocks dress, which she wore during her East African tour in 1956. Again, the fitted bodice and the full skirt were intensely flattering. That hat was a delight! The pattern was also a nice nod to the region without being in the least bit of a costume. And she looks neat as a bandbox, unruffled, and cool.

Three coat entries tied for third. At the top, the full skirted coat with a button waistline detail worn in 1956, to Westminster Abbey is both fashionable and demure enough for the event. The middle photo was taken in 1949 when a very young Margaret wore a fur trimmed coat of extreme snazzy-ness to visit the youth in Bristol. The bottom photo shows a glamourous Margo visiting the House of Dior.

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What do choose for Margaret's Hall of Fame Daywear entry?

Hofdame Hall of Fame – Empress Michiko Evening Division

The results are in, and for once, we all agree!

As the Japanese enthronement approaches, we turn our eyes to the last Empress, currently the Empress Emeritus. Empress Michiko wore some stellar evening wear during her husband’s long reign. We have tried to nominate dresses from several of her sartorial eras.

Before you ask, “What, no kimonos?”, let us explain. It seems that the kimono was a form of dress that the Empress wore for daytime events, for the most part. So we will circle back when we review her day wear. That should *not* stop the community from nominating a kimono, if you do find one that was also terrific evening wear. Let’s jump in!

Our Hofdame Hall of Fame winner is the dress worn for the enthronement ceremonies in 1990. In the official photos, it seems the dress was either blue or white, but either way, it’s a favorite ; ). We believe that the dress was re-worn for a state dinner with the U.S., and it appeared white in those photos.

We love the simplicity and sumptuousness, coupled with her signature sheer cape.

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The first runner up is the dress Empress MIchiko wore to a 2007 dinner held at Uppsala Castle, Sweden, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of Swedish biologist Carolus Linnaeus. What we particularly love about this are three things: the sheer extended sleeve, the sophistication of the tailored dress as an evening gown, and the fact that she wore a tiara, outblinging the blingy Swedes.

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Our second runner up is young MIchiko in a ballgown worn at her wedding to Prince Akihito. The Western style gown was seen in photos taken after their April 10, 1959 nuptials at the Imperial Palace. She was indeed a perfect princess.

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Which of Michiko's gowns deserves to hang in the Handbag Hall of Fame?

Hofdame Hall of Fame – Queen Margrethe Evening Division

The Community has spoken, and the results are here.

Today we are tackling our most difficult Hall of Fame task to date, deciding which of the many and varied Queen Margrethe ballgowns is worthy of the Hofdame Hall of Fame. We suspect a long discussion with the community will ensue over this one. After much back and forth, and inspection of images on Getty, the Hofdames finally narrowed our favorites to three gowns.

The Hall of Fame winner is the green satin ballgown worn first to Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding. This gown is peak Daisy: BIG, colorful, dignified and eye-catching all at once. We decided on this over her many heavily brocaded and fur-trimmed gowns because, although it is grand, she can obviously move in it. A Queen is not all about posing, she must be able to dance and have fun, too! This is both beautiful and practical. It supports the major jewels, too.

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It was hard, but we winnowed the field down to two runners up. Another wedding entry is our first runner-up, this one from Frederick and Mary’s nuptials. This one is fabulous with and without the glorious pink evening coat.

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Finally, the second runner-up is classic Daisy; classic Balmain. Simply beautiful.

Reminder: The Hall of Fame polls close after 24 hours! Get your votes in ; )

Which of Queen Margrethe's gowns deserves to be in the Handbag Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame: Floral Tiaras

Morning everyone! Trying a new twist on our tiara posts here, and following along with the “Hall of Fame” series The Handbag/Sudsy is working on now. We’re going to have some Hall of Fame Tiaras, starting with one that were recently featured in OC’s ROYGBIV:Florals post.

Now since I don’t have a favorite floral tiara (they’re not really my thing), I thought I’d start with LIL’s absolute fave: The Spanish Floral.

A bit of history: this tiara was gifted to Princess Sophia by General Franco for her marriage to Inante Juan Carlos. Side note: this caused a touch of controversy when it was worn by Letizia on a visit to the Netherlands in 2013. The Royal House later clarified that the tiara was originally made for Alfonso XII’s second wife, Archduchess Maria Christina. It left the family, to later be acquired by Franco from the Madrid jeweler Aldao.

So there’s our fave. If it’s yours as well, please vote for it below. If you have another floral that has your heart, please vote for it using the “Other” option. We’ll tally them up, and let you know which one wins!!

Which Floral Tiara is Hall of Fame worthy?

Hofdame Hall of Fame – Stéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg – Evening Division

Results are here!

She hasn’t been at the royal business as long as some others, but Stéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, has made many evening appearances. Today we’re asking you to render judgment on which one will be the community choice in the Hofdame Hall of Fame, Evening Division.

The Hofdames found their own entry in this division a surprisingly hard choice. On reflection, we liked a lot of her gowns more than we did the first time around. Our Hall of Fame decision surprised even us!

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The Hofdame Hall of Fame entry for Stéphanie is the Grecian draped evening gown she wore to Princess Madeleine’s pre-wedding festivities in 2013. The draping is fantastically flattering to her, but what makes it Hall of Fame worthy is that it’s very royal and very memorable. It’s not an ensemble you would see on just anyone, and it firmly announces “Here is a Hereditary Grand Duchess at an Event”.

 … the design might be Elie Saab as the gown looks a whole lot like his designs in general and her clutch is by Saab –  a special thanks to the Royal Couturier – which is always a strong indicator. Her diamond earrings belong to the Lannoy family, Stephanie’s sister Countess Isabelle wore them for the pre-wedding gala last year.


The runners up included the crusty Elie Saab she wore to her own pre-wedding dinner, and the fabulous flattering and youthful Ralph Lauren gown – paired with fabulous ruby earrings – she wore to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. That one was so good Crown Princess Victoria also gave it a wear.

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Which gown is your choice for Community Choice?