Random Royaling – Mary in Paris

We haven’t checked in with Crown Princess Mary lately, but she hasn’t let our inattention slow her down. Most recently she’s been on a two day working trip to Paris, wearing some darn good clothes.

During her first day’s appearance, she went full on girly in this Elsa Adams dress, paired with coordinating Gianvito Rossi pumps. There is something faintly reminiscent of toile de jouy about the print. Style of Mary says that the designer has provided dresses for Josephine and Isabella, which might account for the overall youthful effect.

For the evening visit to the Danish Ambassador’s residence, she paired a repeated Giambattista Valli skirt with a minimalist white top. The overall effect is cool and elegant, and I don’t usually equate elegance with Valli’s funky bohemian designs.

I haven’t found any designer information on this white V neck dress, which is a shame because it’s my favorite of the trip. It photographs well. Whatever fabric is used in its construction must deflect wrinkles because there is nary one to be found on it. In close-ups, you can see a very faint charcoal pattern of large squares, which adds some interest. I am even, shockingly, on board with the length.

And for fun and because she looks great, here is a bonus! Daisy arriving on the Royal Yacht, heading to her summer house (well, her summer castle, Marselisborg Castle, to be precise). The colors are fun and fabulous, and she looks as happy as anyone starting a summer vacation of long duration should look. Keep up with the hats with brims, Daisy!

So what are you thoughts about the Danish women? Are they starting summer off right?

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Royal Recap – New Twists on the Royal Lady Trouser Pant

A few of the royal women we follow have been stepping out in new takes on the royal lady trouser pant and I feel we must discuss this development.

Letizia in Cropped Flappies

Queen Letizia, along with King Felipe, delivered the La Caixa’s Scholarship while wearing a vest and flappie combination by Zara – at least the vest is by Zara. I have no idea if they are responsible for the flappies. Now, by these comments you may think I don’t like this combination but I must be getting worn down by the trend, because I find myself not minding it in the least.

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Char Wears a Tunic

Princess Charlene made a splash at the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco, in an Arkris asymmetrical mock turtleneck tunic – five words I never thought I would string together. Only Char could come close to pulling this off, but I think she does. It works for her figure, her position, and this particular event.

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Tils in Plaid

Queen Mathilde has worn several interesting variations on the royal lady pantsuit lately. This one, from the beginning of the month, was worn at a meeting of NEST, an organization that supports victims of sexual violence. I have been trying to wrap my head around the ensemble – I keep coming back to “it’s very Tils, isn’t it?”

Sofia in Super Wides

Princess Sofia wore a pair of super wide white flappies while attending a symposium on “Recovery From Anorexia”. The white is a nice contrast to the Cos waffle sweater; however, I think that you might need to be as lithe as the lovely princess to make them work.

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Mary Repeats Max Mara

Did I save the best for last? In my mind, I did. I just love, love, love Crown Princess Mary in this white Max Mara suit at the Korean-Danish business conference. I didn’t love it the first time I saw it but something is happening to me and the flappies are winning me over these days. Maybe it’s the addition of the Dulong jewelry? I do wish her feet didn’t disappear quite so completely into the hems, though.

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What do you think of these takes on the royal lady trouser pant? Do they work for you? Do they bring something fresh to the sartorial scene?

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Welcome to this week’s edition of ROYGBIV clothing! We’ve now made it to yellow. If you’d like a refresher, please feel free to revisit Red and Orange!

Let’s get started!

United Kingdom

Betty looks amazing! I love the crustiness of this dress combined with the sheer cape action. She always looks good in a bright yellow no matter her age.


The Duchess of Sussex in a bright surprise last year.


Any finally, Princess Michael. Not sure what’s going on up top but I really appreciate the skirt on this gown.


Mette Marit does NOT wear a lot of the brighter colors, so I was pleased to find this entry from 2010.


Mary famously did a spread in Australian Women’s Weekly and wore this gorgeous yellow gown.

And while not completely yellow, I quite enjoyed this appearance at Captain Sweden’s birthday in 2016.

Embed from Getty Images


Sofia makes her ROYGBIV debut wearing this yellow gown to a family friend’s wedding.

Google image capture

Oh, Victoria. Remember when you wore your mom’s old dress? Unfortunately, despite all efforts, I remember it too.


Here we have an interesting entry from Michiko.


And look at this ray of sunshine from Masako. Le swoon.

New My Royals


Máxima, as usual, has some high moments and low moments with the color yellow. A high? This fab dress worn to Mr. & Mrs. Monaco’s wedding. Hey there Wax in your dress whites…I see you.

Embed from Getty Images

This? This is not my favorite, though I could defend it if I had to. Bonus Oma sighting (in one of my favorite outfits of late)!

Embed from Getty Images


Letizia’s Daffodil Dream worn to Spain’s state visit to Betty back in 2017 was a real departure for her and The Handbag was HERE for it! Hats and gloves on a Queen of Spain set many hearts aflutter.

Embed from Getty Images

What say you about these yellow designs?

Tell us your thoughts and show us some of your yellow favorites in the comments!


Random Royaling – Princess Benedikte’s Guests

As you know because you’ve read lovinlorne’s post, one of our favorite Classic Edition princesses celebrated her 75th birthday in elegant style recently. Since Benedikte has been covered, let’s turn our attention to some of her guests. There are a trifecta of repeat dresses among them, all so good that they should be seen twice. Or more!

Crown Princess Mary brought her handsome husband and wore a repeated Lasse Spangenberg gown, first seen at the Armed Forces dinner in March 2018. A nice dress with great back detailing, but still no Bambi, right?

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Margrethe repeated her deep purple and open weave black lace gown, also seen at the French state visit banquet in 2018. I don’t see any pinholes from all those orders she wore with it last time – incredible! An elegant choice to honor her sister.

Billed Bladet

Bene’s daughters, Princess Alexandra and Princess Nathalie, appeared in two gowns that I can’t identify. Lovely, and certainly occasion appropriate, but not exciting enough to force me into the research necessary to unearth the designers ; ).

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Anne-Marie repeated her floral flowy gown from King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 80th birthday celebrations (among other appearances, she just loves this dress), and looks absolutely thrilled to be celebrating with her sister.

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So what do you think of the guests? Elegant enough appearances for our most elegant princess?


Random Royaling – Daisy Welcomes 79

I sound like an old person but didn’t Daisy just turn 75? We just had a big party and all. Time is a flying, and things are a changing. Christian is morphing into Fred, Isabella is wearing Mary’s Massimo Dutti Reversible coat, Josephine has emerged as a family style queen, and Vincent – well, he still charms every woman in his path.

Embed from Getty Images

Heaven has tentatively identified Mary’s green coat as Theory, and it seems as good a guess as any!