Royal Wedding Gowns – British Embroidery

Welcome our Royal Wedding Gown feature, where we look at royal gowns from a different perspective. Today we'll talk about how embroidery can transform an ordinary bridal look into that worthy of a royal wedding. We will focus on three British weddings. Sadly, it is worth noting that photos, even high-quality photos, can't reveal all… Continue reading Royal Wedding Gowns – British Embroidery


Brit Brief Open Post – Trooping the Colour

Today is the Queen's Birthday!!! Ok, well not actually...that's back in April. Today is her "official birthday" which includes a parade called the Trooping the Colour. For newbies to the royal scene, this tradition goes all the way back to George II, when he combined the annual summer military march with his birthday parade (he… Continue reading Brit Brief Open Post – Trooping the Colour

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Welcome to this week's edition of ROYGBIV clothing! We've now made it to yellow. If you'd like a refresher, please feel free to revisit Red and Orange! Let's get started! United Kingdom Betty looks amazing! I love the crustiness of this dress combined with the sheer cape action. She always looks good in a… Continue reading ROYGBIV-Yellow!