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Today, Emperor Akihito will abdicate his position and Crown Prince Naruhito will become the new Emperor of Japan. Naruhito’s enthronement ceremony will be held in October , and I’m sure we’ll have some coverage of that. For now we are going to concentrate on one of my fave things…tiaras!

Crown Princess Masako has not been in the public eye as much as some of our other Crown Princesses, but she pops up every now and again for certain events. We can only hope that she is receiving the treatment she needs.

Since her marriage, Masako has had two tiaras available to her: The Pearl Sunburst Tiara and the Scroll Tiara that are usually worn by Crown Princesses.

The Pearl Sunburst Tiara, with matching necklace
The Crown Princess Scroll Tiara, with matching necklace

Once Naruhito becomes Emperor and Masako his Empress Consort, she will (we believe) have access to the vault, and the tiaras of the Empress. Empress Michiko stopped wearing tiaras some years ago, but we can hope that Masako will bring some of these beauties out of the vault!

The Meiji Scroll Tiara
The Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara
Princess Chichibu’s Honeysuckle Tiara

As there hasn’t been an abdication in Japan in over two hundred years, we are not sure how everything is going to shake out. But we are here for the sparkles…so which of the above would you like to see Masako wear first?

Royal Recap

Royal Recap – Royal Lady Trouser Pant Edition

Anyone who has listened to me bang on about modern royal women knows I love a good royal lady trouser pant. The royal women have been listening, my friends, and they have brought out a variety for us to gaze at – let’s see if they fall into the good category.


Crown Princess Mary at the Danish Rainbow Awards. It’s a MaxMara jumpsuit! Hit up New My Royals for the details, because we are painting with a broad brush here, and I will only say it’s very blush and bashful before I move on.

Embed from Getty Images


Letizia at a Media and Mental health forum, sporting a repeat of her Hugo Boss pants with buttons – so many buttons – and Carolina Herrera blouse. Queen Letizia Style delves into the rest of the ensemble, including an ID on her butterfly earrings.

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Sofia brought her own elegant twist to the trouser pant game, and paired hers with a softly shining cream blazer as she spoke at an annual sailing regatta in Palma de Majorca. I am utterly charmed by this outfit – check out the regatta brooches shown in our featured image.

Embed from Getty Images


Sils, in an uncharacteristic move, is also getting into the trouser pant game. No ID on this yet – a recurring issue with our more mature royal friends – but I felt it should be included since it is an unusual approach for her. That collar detail makes me think of Teddy bears and snuggly royal grandkids, but the rest is all business.


Rania wore a pair of Calvin Klein trousers and a gorgeous printed shirt while visiting Wadi Shueib in the Al Balqa governorate. Check out Queen Rania’s Closet for some great closeups.


We cannot leave this topic without a gentle nod to Empress Michiko, who sports the Royal Lady Trouser Pant with an elegance unmatched. I will miss her on the scene.

So what do you think about the royal lady trouser pant game? Is it on? It is way off for you? Would you rather see a dress or is this the modern way? Let us know in the comments!

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Pearl Necklaces–A reader request

As requested by reader Orangemily, a look at some of the many pearl necklaces of the royal ladies.  We will stick with our leading ladies for now. 

Queen Elizabeth II

Let’s start with Elizabeth II and her many, many necklaces.  The best source of information about Betty’s three strand pearl necklaces comes from Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault. HMJV provides a great summary, but it is still very difficult to differentiate between the many strands.  The blog also has another summary post on the two strand pearl necklaces.

Embed from Getty Images

Elizabeth also has more significant (in size and historical value) pearl necklaces such as Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Necklace, the Dagmar Necklace, the Four Row Japanese Pearl Choker, the Qatar Diamond and Pearl, and Queen Alexandra’s Wedding necklace.

Embed from Getty Images
The Dagmar Necklace, generally worn without the cross in modern times.
Embed from Getty Images
During an incoming state visit from Qatar.

Queen Margrethe II

Moving on to Denmark, we have Margrethe II. She’s got a few pearls that I can see and the most recognizable is the necklace from the Pearl Poire Parure (say that three times fast). The necklace wasn’t actually made to go with the tiara, but it does come together nicely.

Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

Daisy also has some pearls as part of the Danish Crown Jewels, which can also be mixed and matched well.

Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

Queen Sofia

King Felipe VI of Spain’s mother has a gorgeous set of multicolored pearls that she wears quite often.

Embed from Getty Images

A lovely double strand as seen during her engagement…

Embed from Getty Images

Annnnnnd a few things from the trusty Joyas de Pasar.


And another piece while hanging out with the Belgians.

Embed from Getty Images

Empress Michiko

Michiko has a lot to choose from as well. A five strand with gold clasps…

A four strand with pearl and diamond accents…

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Silvia

Silvia of Sweden also has a multicolored pearl necklace like her counterpart Sofia.

Embed from Getty Images

A nice twisted set of necklaces.

The necklace belonging to the Cameo parure…

Embed from Getty Images

And a three strand with a topaz clasp, my personal favorite of her collection.

Image capture from Google

Queen Sonja

Sonja of Norway also has a selection of pearls to choose from. Here’s a lovely single strand with what appears to be a ruby pendant.

Embed from Getty Images

You know I couldn’t resist a small glimpse of the Yellow Wonder.

Embed from Getty Images

And then there are these absolute whoppers! (And not pearls at all–thanks Oz!)

Embed from Getty Images

Last, but not least, we have our Dutch queen.

Queen Máxima

Máxima has a gorgeous set of Tahitian pearls to wear.

Classic white, but of a size appropriate to the Dutch vault.

Embed from Getty Images

And a triple set with what looks to be a coral accent.

Embed from Getty Images

This is by no means a comprehensive review and really just barely scratches the surface.  My favorites? Certainly an unpopular opinion, but I definitely prefer the multicolor variety. I find the typical one, two, and even the three strand pearl necklaces to be instantly aging, instead of classic. If I have to choose from these only, I’d go with a double strand.

What say you?

Please feel free to add your own photos in the comments section!