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Nobel Ceremony – Open Post

It’s finally here! Nobel Day!

Official program:


The day kicks off not in Sweden, but in neighboring Norway where King Harald V, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit will be in attendance at Oslo City Hall while the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee awards the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tonight a banquet will be held at the Grand Hotel in Oslo.

Live stream:

The Norwegian Royal Family at Oslo City Hall. Queen Sonja is repeating a Pucci outfit. She sparkles away like a little jewel box in her sequined hat. Mette-Marit is wearing a repeat Valentino coat and Prada headband. The coat is a repeat from 2009 and 2014, and the clean lines really suit her.

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The Nobel Peace Prize winner Ethiopia’s Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Abiy Ahmed Ali.

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The Royal Family released a photo from the evening banquet. Mette-Marit is wearing a Pia Tjelta gown, and Sonja is in a modified gown by Dundas.

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Zinash Tayachew, the Prime MInister’s wife, is wearing a lovely blue beaded dress of unknown provenance. The couple met while serving together in the Defense Forces, and have three daughters.

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Tonight is the Award Ceremony, held at the Stockholm Concern Hall, where King Carl XVI Gustaf hands out the awards. Joining CG on stage are Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine and Carl O’Neill are also attending and will be sitting in the first row of the audience.

After the Ceremony there is a dinner in Stockholm City Hall, where we get to see our Royals and the Nobel Laureates descending those fabulous stairs!

Live stream award ceremony:

Live stream banquet:

You knew I had to work this in somehow… 😉

Let’s just get this one out of the way first. Per JR on Twitter, Crown Princess Victoria is wearing the Baden fringe tiara, the Braganza Rose diamond brooch, and a Bernadotte diamond rivierè. The dress is by Swedish-Eritrean designer Selam Fessahaye, and to say it is controversial sartorially is an understatement. It is important to note that the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded earlier today in Oslo, was given to the Prime MInister of Ethiopia for his role in ending the 20 year war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The choice of dress designer may be a diplomatic nod.

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Princess Madeleine and Princess Sofia both brought tiara surprises. Sofia has developed yet another iteration on her wedding tiara by adding turquoise, and Madeleine zhuzzed up the Aquamarines even further by added a diamond rivierè to the base. Madeleine is wearing a gown by Angel Sanchez, and Sofia’s gown (thanks, Mrs. D.!) is by Emelie Janrell.

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Queen Silvia repeated the fabulous gold and cream Elie Saab, which she debuted in Beirut last month, and added Queen Sofia’s Diamond tiara (Pronger to you all) and Queen Josefina’s Pearl & Ruby brooch.

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Everyone made it down the stairs at the banquet – whew! I am always holding my breath because stairs and ballgowns can be treacherous, but the Swedes handle it every year.

Here are some tiara close-ups at the tables.

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Some good full length shots of Maddie, Silvia, and Sofia’s gowns.

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Victoria’s gown, in motion. You tell me if you think this worked! I’ll only say that it definitely gave us something to talk about!

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We will update the post as pictures start rolling in, but please feel free to post in the comments, and let’s have some fun!

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Nobels Countdown – Princesses!

We’re almost there…can you feel it?

After reviewing our favorites from past years, and dressing Silvia and Victoria for this year; this week it’s Sofia and Maddie’s turn. So have some fun and let us know what you are dying to see our Princesses wear to both the Awards Ceremony on the 10th and the King’s Dinner on the 11th.

(News broke that Christina will not be attending the Ceremonies this year after I started writing this post. We will miss her)

Tiaras: This is hard, because these ladies wear them so well…but here we go. Sofia in the Cut Steel; she’s worn the smaller Cut Steel Bandeau well, so let’s see her take on the big guy.

Maddie in the Amethysts; and if you’ve seen her wear them, you get it.

Gowns: this is harder for me, as jewels are my thing…but I’ll give it a shot, at least color wise. Sofia looks gorgeous in green, so something in this color family would work.

Maddie has been going a bit pastel lately, I’d love to see her in a deep jewel tone.

Now it’s your turn. What would you like to see our Princesses shine in?


Nobels Countdown – Queen Silvia & CP Victoria

After taking a trip down memory lane last week, this week we are all about the here and now (or the soon to be here and now…).

For this post, we are talking about what we would like Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria to wear to this years Nobel Ceremony, both the big event on December 10th and the King’s Dinner on the 11th.

Give us your hopes, wishes, predictions and wild-eyed guesses for what tiaras, jewels and gowns Sils and Vickan will wear for these two events.

Tiaras: For me I’m hoping for a Cameo appearance on Sils, and for Vickan to break out the Connaught Rubies.

Silvia in the Cameos in 2005
The Connaught Ruby Tiara

Gowns: not real picky about gowns, but would love a repeat of Vickan’s gown for Maddie’s wedding.

With bonus Estelle and Daniel!

So…what are you guys wishing for?