Open Post – King’s Banquet for Nobel Laureates

It’s such an amazing week for tiara lovers. The second night of Nobel festivities is here! The annual royal banquet dinner will be held at the Royal Palace tonight, 7:30 local time.

Our Royal ladies have been known to wear some repeats for this event, but they always find new ways to make them shine.

We’ll play today much like yesterday, with an Open Post for chatting and posting. As always, we will update with photos as they becoming available. In the meantime, have fun documenting the festivities in the comments.

Here is a link to see the Dinner: https://www.svtplay.se/nobel

Silvia looked beautiful in a repeated blue Georg et Arend dress and the Connaught tiara. I love these earrings. Thanks to Tiaramania for this lovely photo!

Crown Princess Victoria’s gown is courtesy of her wedding dress designer Pär Engsheden, Princess Sofia’ flowered gown is by Ida Lanto, and Princess Madeleine is also sporting flower appliques, courtesy of Ida Sjöstedt . All photos courtesy of Svensk Dam.


Nobels Countdown – Princesses!

We’re almost there…can you feel it?

After reviewing our favorites from past years, and dressing Silvia and Victoria for this year; this week it’s Sofia and Maddie’s turn. So have some fun and let us know what you are dying to see our Princesses wear to both the Awards Ceremony on the 10th and the King’s Dinner on the 11th.

(News broke that Christina will not be attending the Ceremonies this year after I started writing this post. We will miss her)

Tiaras: This is hard, because these ladies wear them so well…but here we go. Sofia in the Cut Steel; she’s worn the smaller Cut Steel Bandeau well, so let’s see her take on the big guy.

Maddie in the Amethysts; and if you’ve seen her wear them, you get it.

Gowns: this is harder for me, as jewels are my thing…but I’ll give it a shot, at least color wise. Sofia looks gorgeous in green, so something in this color family would work.

Maddie has been going a bit pastel lately, I’d love to see her in a deep jewel tone.

Now it’s your turn. What would you like to see our Princesses shine in?


Nobels Countdown – Queen Silvia & CP Victoria

After taking a trip down memory lane last week, this week we are all about the here and now (or the soon to be here and now…).

For this post, we are talking about what we would like Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria to wear to this years Nobel Ceremony, both the big event on December 10th and the King’s Dinner on the 11th.

Give us your hopes, wishes, predictions and wild-eyed guesses for what tiaras, jewels and gowns Sils and Vickan will wear for these two events.

Tiaras: For me I’m hoping for a Cameo appearance on Sils, and for Vickan to break out the Connaught Rubies.

Silvia in the Cameos in 2005
The Connaught Ruby Tiara

Gowns: not real picky about gowns, but would love a repeat of Vickan’s gown for Maddie’s wedding.

With bonus Estelle and Daniel!

So…what are you guys wishing for?


Nobels Countdown – Favorites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…no, not Christmas…The Nobels!!!! Less than a month to go to my favorite royal event of the year.

With the news breaking this week that Princess Madeleine will attend this year, I thought we’d have some fun. With up to 5 royal ladies attending, we are set for some sparkle-riffic times. Everyone knows my favorite Nobel moment (#BigRed) and favorite tiara (#TeamBaden), now we are going to let you share yours. Favorite tiara, favorite look, favorite gown, favorite Laureate, favorite gent (hey there Uncle Tord…).

Princess Perfection

So what are yours?