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ROYGBIV–Orange jewels!

Thanks so much for your fun responses to ROYGBIV-Orange last week! If you’d like to review the other colors of jewels reviewed so far, please take a look at ROYGBIV-Red jewelry. Let’s move on to some orange jewelry, shall we?

As you might expect the House of Orange-Nassau has quite a bit of orange jewelry and we’ll show just a few examples here. I’m sure our friend Triple-A will have much more to share with us in the comments!

Let’s begin with a small rock that I dare say should come to me, should Máxima ever tire of it for some strange reason.

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THAT, my friends, is an orange diamond. Not a citrine, nothing else. An Orange Diamond, in every way.

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Also made by court jeweler Steltman in The Hague, this exclusive ring was apparently designed by King Willem-Alexander (then prince of Orange) as an engagement gift for his future wife,  Màxima Zorreguieta. He presented it on 31 March 2001, one year before their wedding in February 2002. Set with a very rare oval orange diamond (as a tribute to the national colours of the Netherlands and the Dutch Royal House) flanked by two trapezoid-cut diamonds, and surrounded by two outer bands of brilliants. #dutchroyaljewels #ring #diamonds #oval #orange #trapezoid #cut #engagementring #entgagement #wedding #queenmaxima #willemalexander #king #princeoforange #carats #historical #dutch #holland #thenetherlands #royal #house #steltmanjewelry

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She’s also got some fab orange citrines…just some dainty rocks to compliment her other looks.

Here we have a parure with brooch, necklace, earrings, bracelet, crown (1810-1812) of Caroline Bonaparte, Joachim Murat’s wife and Queen of Naples – gold and Mediterranean coral. This is part of a private collection.

Flikr, Carlo Raso

Our next coral example is from Josephine Beauharnais, Empress Consort of the French (Napoleon’s first wife) in the early 1800s. Her two children by her first husband, Beauharnais became significant to royal lineage. She was the maternal grandmother of Napoleon III and also was the great-grandmother of later Swedish and Danish kings and queens. The current reigning houses of Belgium, Norway and Luxembourg descend from her.

Finally, we’ve got a doozy. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has this sizable orange piece and no one really knows what it is. Fire opal? Padparadscha sapphire? Cairngorm? It’s a mystery and you can read a bit more here at Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault.

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What do you think of the orange examples shown here?

There are more orange jewels to appreciate. Get your sleuthing hats on! I’ll give you a hint. Think Norway and more Netherlands in modern times and there are quite a few others to discover. Show us your finds in the comments!

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Now you KNOW I’ve been looking forward to this. There are a lot more royal women wearing orange than you might think. Today’s post will share but a few favorite (or glaring depending on your view) examples. Let’s get started! If you’d like a refresher on our first entry into the ROYGBIV series, take a look at Red.


Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie in July 2017 is our first example. Simple lines in a bright color work well for this young woman who so very often dresses as a Golden Girl.



Sweden’s Victoria wore this to Felipe & Letizia’s 2004 wedding. I should love it, but I don’t. Cummerbund styles usually look fantastic on this lady, but this misses the mark for me.

Pop Sugar

HOWEVAH, the Crown Princess completely redeemed herself when she wore this peachy dream at the 2011 Cambridge wedding. Don’t look at the shoes.

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Next up is Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary in one of my favorite daytime looks. This Marc Jacobs dress was first worn at a 2012 Danish Art & Design awards ceremony and then again while visiting Ascot in 2016.

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Mary has an iconic orange dress that she has worn for several New Year’s functions and it is…memorable. A bold choice especially paired with the lightly colored Danish Ruby Parure.

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The House of Orange of course represents the color well. I have always enjoyed this particular double trouble of Máxima and Mathilde as it appeared to be so joyful.

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And speaking of the Queen of the Belgians, Mathilde wears a LOT of orange with mixed results. A favorite of mine is this frothy Creamsicle gown worn to a 2017 state visit from Belgium to Denmark.


Now, you might think Elizabeth only has a few orange items…but upon searching she has quite a bit! It was hard for me to pare down to my favorites but I’ve picked my three favorites thus far. She’s Betty…she gets three.

This photo was when they came out of hibernation in January 2014 and I think she looks so cozy here. Plus monochromatic hat floof? I’m IN!

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I mean COME ON this is pretty fab.

SUCH a babe.

Do you like any of these orange beauties? What other orange garments strike your fancy? What other royal ladies have put on an orange display that you can appreciate?

Show us your orange assessments in the comments!

Next up in our ROYGBIV series is orange jewels!