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Quick Quiz – Tiaras, Heirs, and Descendants

For those who pop in over the break, here is a quick challenge for you.

Beginner Royaling: Name all the tiaras in the photo below.

Intermediate Royaling: Name all the (then) first-in-line heirs.

Advanced Royaling: Name all the descendants of Grandmother of Europe.

Extra Credit: Name all the descendants of the Father-in-law of Europe.

Community Challenge: It’s the magical “Add-On” quiz! Add your own questions and try to stump our community.

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HInt: To work out the answers to the last two questions, this Wiki is your friend. We’ll be back around on Monday with the answers.

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz!

This week, the Handbag is going to try a new feature called Pop Quiz.  It’s a post to get you thinking about some of the royals we follow (and maybe some of those we don’t follow as much) just for fun!  We’ll see how this goes and hopefully we’ll learn some coding magic and make it into a proper survey in the future.

What two things do these lovely ladies have in common? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.