Nobels Countdown – Princesses!

We’re almost there…can you feel it?

After reviewing our favorites from past years, and dressing Silvia and Victoria for this year; this week it’s Sofia and Maddie’s turn. So have some fun and let us know what you are dying to see our Princesses wear to both the Awards Ceremony on the 10th and the King’s Dinner on the 11th.

(News broke that Christina will not be attending the Ceremonies this year after I started writing this post. We will miss her)

Tiaras: This is hard, because these ladies wear them so well…but here we go. Sofia in the Cut Steel; she’s worn the smaller Cut Steel Bandeau well, so let’s see her take on the big guy.

Maddie in the Amethysts; and if you’ve seen her wear them, you get it.

Gowns: this is harder for me, as jewels are my thing…but I’ll give it a shot, at least color wise. Sofia looks gorgeous in green, so something in this color family would work.

Maddie has been going a bit pastel lately, I’d love to see her in a deep jewel tone.

Now it’s your turn. What would you like to see our Princesses shine in?


Battle of the Tiaras – It’s a Fringe Off!!!

The inspiration for the last few Defense of the Tiaras was the Sweden / South Korea State Dinner, held on June 14th. While Queen Silvia was radiant in the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara, it was the tiaras of her daughters, and daughter-in-law, that prompted this series.

This week we are putting the fringe / fringe-adjacent tiaras of the Swedish princesses up against each other.

The Baden Fringe Tiara

See the history, discussion and vote totals here.

The Modern Fringe Tiara

See the history, discussion and vote totals here.

Princess Sofia’s Tiara

See the history, discussion and vote totals here.

So there it is…which royal tiara wins your heart?

Which of these fringes is your fave?

Random Royaling – Birthday Edition

Sunday was Crown Princess Victoria’s 42nd birthday. To celebrate the family followed tradition and started the morning at Solliden.

Later in the day they attended Victoria’s birthday concert.

Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria wore traditional dress for this event, as per usual.

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill were all in attendance at the concert.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Not to worry…Bits and Bobs will return tomorrow!


In Defense of the Tiara – The Modern Fringe Tiara

Back to Sweden this week, with our featured tiara being one of the favorites of Princess Madeleine – The Modern Fringe Tiara.

Maddie is anxiously awaiting your thoughts.

The History

There’s no real history known for this one, only that Queen Silvia of Sweden began wearing it in the late 1980s. That led many to believe that it was a 10th anniversary present from King Carl Gustaf in 1986 (nicely done if so). It is usually referred to as a “private tiara,” and has actually been gifted to Maddie by her parents.

What we do know: this one is a modern take on the classic fringe, the accent diamonds that flare off the main fringe almost seem to interlock around the smaller pieces between each fringe. Added to that you’ve got some round diamonds on top of the fringes and down below on the base. This one is also a tiara/necklace convertible, and one of the few that actually makes that change quite often.

The Case for the Tiara

LG: The design is delicate, but diamond heavy. I like the similarities in the design between the larger and smaller fringe elements, as well as the diamond toppers on the larger fringes. And surprisingly for a tiara/necklace combo, this one looks good as a necklace as well.

LiL: I love it. I really do. One of my very favorite Swedish tiaras. And on Maddie? Perfection.

OC: I am here for this piece. Simply put? She’s pretty.

The Case against the Tiara

The Handbag: You know what I am going to say, right? It’s fine for a fringe that isn’t a WALL OF DIAMONDS THAT YOU WEAR ON YOUR HEAD. Actually, this isn’t a “case against” at all. Maddie looks very pretty in that photo, and the delicacy of this one is actually more pleasing to me than the Baden.

What do you think of the Modern Fringe?