Random Royaling – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit National Ambulance Service

It’s an actual, genuine, royal lady pantsuit sighting. The Duchess is wearing a Marks & Spencer ensemble, per those who are in the know ; ).

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Kate and William met with the staff at the London Ambulance Service to thank them for their hard work. The staff has been been taking NHS 111 calls from the public.


Random Royaling – Queen Mathilde

Queen Mathilde, who I have long suspected is our kindest Queen, has continued with a reduced and targeted number of engagements

For International Women’s Day last week, she wore a plaid wrap (I am not sure what else to call it – cape, maybe?) with a sheath style dress while visiting the Flemish Brabant province. She also met with various business and corporate women leaders, wearing a wrap Natan blouse.

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Last week, Mathilde and two of her children, Emmanuel and Eleanore, paid a visit to a care facility that has been sealed off to visitors. They brought homemade cakes and waved to the residents from outside. I am sure the sight of children, flowers, and homemade goodies brought joy to the folks inside, and to their relatives who cannot visit at this time. Darn you, Tilly, for making me teary!

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⁣ ⁣ Huisgemaakte cake en bloemen voor de bewoners van het OCMW Rusthuis Huis Heizel. Hart onder de riem voor de ouderen die momenteel geen bezoek mogen ontvangen en steun aan het verzorgend personeel.⁣ —————⁣ Gâteaux faits maison et fleurs pour les résidents du CPAS Maison Heysel. Courage aux personnes âgées qui ne peuvent recevoir de visiteurs et soutien au personnel soignant. ⁣ —————⁣ Selbstgebackener Kuchen und Blumen für die Bewohner des ÖSHZ Seniorenheims Rusthuis Huis Heizel. Zur Unterstützung der Senioren die momentan keinen Besuch empfangen dürfen und des Pflegepersonals.⁣ —————⁣ Home-made cakes and flowers for the residents of the OCMW nursing home Huis Heizel. Courage for the elderly who cannot receive visitors and support for the nursing staff.⁣ ⁣ #SamenTegenCorona #EnsembleContreCorona #GemeinsamGegenCorona #TogetherAgainstCorona #Covid-19 #COVID19BE #CoronaVirus #Corona #BelgianRoyalPalace #MonarchieBe

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Mathilde wore a long coat by the design house Scapa. Modekoningin Mathilde has a beautiful post on this ensemble, so head there for more info. Our fellow bloggers are continuing to post during the crises and we want to support them as much as possible.

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Random Royaling – Cancellations and the Way Forward

During this unprecedented time, the most important thing to the Hofdames is that all of our Handbaggers remain safe and healthy. We know many people will be busy and distracted, so we expect that our comments will be fewer as people sort out complicated aspects of their new daily lives. We’ll still be here!

Our intent is, as always, to provide an entertaining diversion. In that vein, we will continue to post royal content. Since there will be far fewer events, there will also be fewer posts. We will rely on our Rotogravurer, LiL, for some fun throwbacks. Also, if any Handbagger has an idea for a pop quiz or some past event that needs revisiting, drop a note in these comments.

We are going to corrall the next few weeks and months of cancellations for the royal houses in this post. Please feel free to add any cancellations or rescheduling you are aware of in the comments, but let’s not get involved in conversation in general about the crisis.


  • Crown Princess Elisabeth will remain in Wales until travel between the countries is allowed.


  • Public gatherings have been cancelled and tourism curtailed. The royals have no scheduled events on their calendar.


  • The Queen’s visits to Camden and Cheshire will be rescheduled. The British government has recommended self-isolation for those over seventy, which could potentially affect the Queen and other senior members of the family.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s spring tour to Bosnia, Herzegovina, Jordan and Cyprus has been postponed. Date TBD.
  • The Countess of Wessex has been ill with a non-Corona virus related illness and all upcoming engagements have been cancelled.
  • The London Marathon, with a scheduled appearance by Prince Harry, has been postponed until October.


  • Denmark has temporarily closed all borders and airports. Only Danish citizens are allowed to enter the country.
  • All official engagements up to April 20, 2020, have been cancelled or postponed. This includes Queen Margrethe’s 80th Birthday celebrations, which have been postponed. Dates TBD.
  • The Crown Prince and his family have returned to Denmark from Switzerland. The children will attend school at home. Danish schools are currently closed.


  • The Grand Duke and Duchess have continued with a scaled back program of engagements.


  • The Rose Ball, scheduled for the 21st, has been cancelled. Will be rescheduled to a later, unannounced date.


  • The King and Queen have cancelled or postponed all remaining engagements for the month of March.


  • All official engagements up to April 12, 2020, have been cancelled or postponed. Norway itself has closed all airports and borders for the time being.
  • The King and Queen are in quarantine after returning from abroad.


  • The King and Queen have been tested for the virus, and their health has been cleared.


  • Crown Princess Victoria’s Name Day celebrations have been cancelled.

We’ll keep updating this post as more information becomes available.


Random Royaling – Cheltenham Races

Housekeeping – Well, our Random Royaling and Bits features may be getting sparser as more royal events are cancelled due to the Corona virus crisis. Hang tight, Handbaggers. Over the weekend we’ll figure out what’s cancelled and what’s not, and how we will move forward as a blog. We will have some content over the next month, regardless. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your families. You are the most important part of the Handbag.

As we noted earlier, let’s leave the Corona virus discussions on outlets more suited for it, and take a look at the Brits at Cheltenham.

This event always brings out the best in the Phillips branch of the family. Below is Zara, day one, two and three. The day two coat has been identified as Laura Green London, and it’s one of my favorite things she has ever worn, although I think for full effect her day one outfit is the best. We are fortunate that the Hat Queen is back, because she has the full lowdown on Day One hats.

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Anne and her fabulous orange and horse pin also appeared on Day One. Since it’s all ancient drama, and thus not really drama at this point, we included a shot of Andrew Parker Bowles hanging out with her. Friends forever, right?

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Speaking of friends, Autumn and Peter appeared, looking happy and relaxed and wearing some nice, spiffy racing clothes. Oh, Autumn, that is one fine hat and one great color for you.

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What do you think of the racing duds? Good, bad or neither?


Random Royaling – Max and Wax are Back

The Dutch royals are back from skiing and at work on a state visit to Indonesia. The visit is a bit more low key, due to the overarching Coronavirus issue, and the sad tragedy that befell some of the Indonesian workers before the royal arrival.

Max being Max, she has brought the good and bad with her – leaving the indifferent to lesser lights ; ). Let’s jump in.

Handshakes have been replaced by Namastes. Max is wearing a Johanna Ortiz floral print, which is the type of thing that works very well for her. Natan with properly placed darts, I say, although the hemline has me befuddled.

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Good hair, and some elegant emerald deployment. The woman could be a hand model.

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Take away the caramel-beige accessories and do something with the hat (put it away for some personal, non-public event), and I could admire the frothy, spring Natan dress. As it, it’s a bit too hodge podge for me.

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A bright spot! Have you been missing major bling? Max brought out Queen Juliana’s aquamarines for your enjoyment. They are as wonderful as I remembered.

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We’ve seen this Natan dress and hat before, but I like the combo. Pure spring Max. Wax is down to his shirtsleeves, and just look at the glorious colors on the women in the connected Kampong neighborhood (connected by the internet, just like us!). Maybe they thought, “we see you there in your wowza pearls, ma’am, and we up the ante with brilliant color.”

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Look at the gorgeous Prambanan temple there. Max is also pretty snazzy in her new polka dot dress by Zimmerman. Sophie has something similar, and it works on both of them, I think.

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Let’s not forget our King – he took his turn in the cockpit. Probably the highlight of the trip for him!

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Stay tuned tomorrow for the Cheltenham updates!