Random Royaling – National Day in Spain

Note: The Getty embed function has undergone a change. We have no official word from Getty on this, it’s only what we have deduced by observing what is happening on this and other blogs. Photos embedded prior to Thursday have broken links. The actual photos have disappeared from our site, although you can click on the link to view them on the the Getty site. The purpose of this unusual Saturday post is twofold, to test the new Getty linking and to discuss National Day in Spain, which needs discussing!

Four of the most beautiful people on earth appeared at Spain’s National Day: King Felipe, Queen Letizia and two random adults. How much have Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia changed recently?

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Letizia wore Varela, a common go-to for her at this event. She worked the feminine, frilly end of the spectrum here. The pink midi is ruffled and heavily embroidered. It’s not my favorite type of Letizia appearance, but I’ll give her this, she manages to wear the twee right out of it. The girls look lovely and tailored and the whole family unit coordinated subtly and seamlessly, as always.

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I never really thought these two resembled each other before, but I see it here.

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What do you think of the National Day appearance?


Random Royaling – Nikolaos and Tatiana

Note: Getty embeds have not been playing well with WordPress tagging for the past few days, so we are going to rely on Twitter and Instagram embeds for this post. Fingers crossed it’s all sorted out by next week, folks!

Yes, Nikolaos and Tatiana *are* beautiful, but they are both also dedicated to bringing beauty into our lives in other ways. Nikolaos’ photographs were recently displayed at the “Aegean Desert” exhibition. I enjoy seeing both the photos and the bond between Nikolaos and his father here. There is obvious pride and love between the two. On the sartorial side, Tatiana’s royal lady pants are @goals for me.

Tatiana attended a fashion show that featured the designs of Mary Kantrantzou. It was held in Greece at the Temple of Poseidon, a beautiful space, and also benefited a children’s cancer charity. A triple win, there. I find myself wanting to see some of Kantrantzou’s designs here on Princess Mary, and I’d like to see the astronomy gown on the celestial carpet from the Netherlands, worn by anyone feeling adventurous.

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A quiet moment after the most breathtaking, moving show at The Temple of Poseidon last week in Athens. Calling it a fashion show doesn’t do it justice. It was unique- poignant, powerful & beautiful- highlighting not only the beauty of Greece and the talent of @marykatrantzou but the life-saving work of @elpida_association- celebrating 30 years of working with children with cancer. At the end of the show, the children, survivors of cancer, walked down the runway to a standing ovation. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience… even writing this now, I am again moved to tears … thank you @marykatrantzou @elpida_association for putting together a show and a celebration of life- of the past, the present and hope for the future. I feel blessed to have witnessed this and grateful to be part of Elpida’s legacy with an amazing group of women @elpidayouth. #sounio #elpida #hope #grateful #blessed #beauty #speechless

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Photo courtesy of Greek Times
© Yannis Vlamos (Astronomy Gown)

More on the show from Vogue.

Hope these two inspired all of you toward a beautiful weekend! Let us know how you feel about the events below.


Random Royaling – Kate Steps Out

Note: We updated the Mary post with yesterday’s evening wear and today’s Alexander McQueen skirt.

When I say Kate steps out, I mean way out of her comfort zone and straight into embracing the flappies in a big way. The Duchess visited the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity at the Natural HIstory Museum today.

Heaven and her gang have already identified the jumper (sweater for the US folks) as from Warehouse, and what they are describing as culottes as from Jigsaw. They will always be flappies to me (thanks to our Scottish Elizabeth!).

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I do love a good short handled Chanel bag.

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Once last glimpse of these shoes, which may be one of my favorite pieces of Kate footwear.

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Do you like how the Duchess steps out?


Random Royaling – Mary Captures Paris (Updated with Evening Wear)

Maybe that’s overkill? Regardless, she is back to Poppins Princess mode and had two stellar outfits in a row. If you are going to pull out your best, best to to do it in Paris, right?

Crown Prince and Princess Frederik and Mary brought a large Danish business delegation to France on a working visit to shore up business relations between the two countries. Mary also brought her sartorial best. The polka dot dress is by BH-Black Halo and the navy and white number is by Ole Yde. More information on both outfits at UFOnomore.

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Mary, Frederik, Marie and Joachim attended a Grand Dinner at the Town Hall in the evening. Heaven, who is usually pretty spot on with these identifications, believes Mary’s dress is by Elsa Adams, who designed the white and red print Mary wore during her visit to France in June. Marie is repeating a Christopher Kane dress.

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Hair ornament alert!

For her last event during the visit, with Mme Macron, Mary wore a stellar McQueen skirt. I am deeply impressed by the level of accessorizing here.

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Are you as impressed as we are with this start to the tour?


Random Royaling – Swedish Royal House Updates

We will pull this out of the Bits and Bobs discussion so that people can find it more easily. There was a big announcement from the Swedish Royal House this morning. Thank you to our community member ellendiane for bringing this to our attention.

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Tidigare i dag fattade H.M. Konungen beslut om att begränsa den krets av personer som ska ingå i Det Kungl. Huset. Syftet med Kungens beslut är att tydliggöra vilka personer som kan förväntas ha offentliga åtaganden på Kungens uppdrag. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Dagens beslut innebär i korthet att Prins Alexander, Prins Gabriel, Prinsessan Leonore, Prins Nicolas och Prinsessan Adrienne inte längre ska tillhöra Det Kungl. Huset och inte längre ha ställning som Kungliga Högheter. De tillhör dock fortsatt Den Kungl. Familjen och behåller sina titlar som prins/prinsessa respektive hertig/hertiginna. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Klicka på länk i bio för ytterligare information. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: Sandra Birgersdotter Ek/Kungl. Hovstaterna (bild 1)

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Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Phillip both posted on their Instagram, applauding the decision. You can find those posts in the Bits and Bobs comments.

It is big news and worthy of discussion. I know I am personally fascinated. We can wonder whether other royal houses will follow suit, but let’s not tell them they have to. In other words, let’s keep our speculation on the Handbag side, which is to say let’s keep it light and positive!