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Random Royaling – Repeats at Receptions and Audiences

Lots of Queen action last week, and although every Queen is mindfully recycling here, it’s worth a peek. Let’s get to it. It’s not polite to keep Queens waiting.


Philippe and Mathilde held a New Year’s reception for members of the diplomatic corps, including ambassadors and consuls, assigned to Belgium. It’s a new year, but it’s the same old Natan. Remember the designer was responsible for 72% of her public wardrobe in 2019, and she’s starting 2020 in the same vein. Per Modekoningin Mathilde, it’s a repeat from 2018. Do love her hair here.

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More repeated Natan florals! This time on Maxima, on her way in to the first reception of the 2020 year. Per Modekoning in Maxima this is a repeat from 2017, and I have to admit I liked it the first time around better. Something about the hair up made it work – but it seems warm for a windy day, right?

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Queen Letizia met with representatives from FEDICINE (The Federation of Cinema Film Distributors) at Zarzuela Palace, and looked appropriately wintery in her repeated Hugo Boss blouse and Herrera skirt. Regal Fille has extensive photos and the lowdown on the accessorizing.

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Are you satisfied with the repeats? Let us know in the comments.

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Random Royaling – Classic Queen Mathilde and Contemporary Queen Letizia

Queen Mathilde wore a repeated red silk chiffon Dior dress (from November 2018, see Modekoningin Mathilde) to the Belgian diplomatic reception. The Queen and King host dignitaries and representatives from the European Union at the annual event. I think the red is a great color for the Queen, but I really want to add some interfacing to the neckline. Regardless of what I think about the details, it’s a classic Queen look for Mathilde.

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Queen Letizia, on the other hand, went contemporary for a visit to FEDER (Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases) headquarters . She sported a Uterque Houndstooth Blazer and leather pants. The proportions are working here, since the longer, boxier blazer balances out the slim line of the lower half.

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What do you think of the classic and contemporary Queens?


Random Royaling – Letizia at Pascua Militar

Pascua Militar (In English, MIlitary Easter or New Year’s Military Parade ) is a annual event held by Spanish Army, on Epiphany. The King reviews the troops as their commander, and the Queen accompanies him wearing a traditional long day dress.

Those who have been around awhile will remember the many discussions we have on the difficulty of getting this type of dress right in modern times. Letizia has the added challenge of dressing for an event that is held outdoors in January. As you can tell, the wind caressed her hair quite a bit this year ; ). Letizia tends to recycle gowns for this event, and also to cycle through the same gowns/skirts/dresses at the diplomatic corps reception later in the month.

As far as today’s events, Letizia wore a blue gown. We have had four years of long blue day dresses, and I am about ready to see her branch out, or branch back to one of her other colors. You tell us if the blue is working for you!


This royal blue dress is by an unidentified designer, although she typically defaults to Varela for this event. She is wearing the gorgeous diamond and sapphire earrings owned by King Felipe’s elegant grandmother, the Countess of Barcelona.

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The blue velvet gown is a repeat from 2012 and 2014, with the Emporio Armani metallic jacket added.

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This velvet gown with a Peter Pan collar is by Varela. It fastens with jeweled buttons, and is cinched at the waist with a matching belt.

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This gown has been described as teal green by Varela, but to me this is blue. It is a repeat from 2015.

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Be sure to check out the comments on the week’s Bits and Bobs for some background on Epiphany and and the Spanish royal family traditions of the day, courtesy of Iselen. As always, The Queen Letizia Style blog breaks down each of these ensembles. down to the accessory.

Which year did Letizia do blue the best?

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Random Royaling – Sweet Family Moments

First of our holiday break Quick Hit posts, courtesy of the Swedish, Belgian and British Royal Families.

At the Swedish Nobel Academy’s annual dinner, we caught a glimpse of the King and Queen holding hands, demonstrating that classic love is the best love ; ). In addition, Princess Victoria was re-united for an evening with her old friend and assistant, Karolin Johansson (who is pictured here in court dress, which she did not wear last night). Four new female members were inducted into the academy. Photos courtesy of Svensk Dam. (Victoria in Camila Thulin)

The Belgian Royal Family showed off their shared genetics and wished everyone a Merry Christmas!

And, finally, the Brits, in a photo op for the “Together at Christmas” initiative. Letting George take the lead was a good idea, because the others don’t look so sure about their baking abilities.

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Happy Christmas! 🎄 ⛄️ Four Generations of Royal cooks! Wonderful to photograph Her Majesty The Queen and Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince George taking part in The Royal British Legion’s ‘Together at Christmas’ initiative – A fantastic idea that supports people who have contributed SO much 🙏🏻 The initiative is designed to provide extra support to the Armed Forces and veteran communities at annual festive ‘get togethers’ across the charity’s network of outreach centres. Her Majesty and Their Royal Highnesses are pictured preparing special Christmas puddings in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace in December. The four generations of the Royal Family represent a cross-section of those supported by the Legion, from the children of service personnel, to Second World War veterans. The puddings will become the centrepieces of next year’s get togethers, and form part of 99 puddings distributed across the charity’s network in the UK and the Commonwealth – also marking The Royal British Legion’s 99th year.

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Random Royaling – Christmas Gifts and Holiday Music

A good contingent of the Belgian Royal clan, including Mathilde, Philippe, Albert, Paola, Astrid, Lorenz, Claire, Elisabeth, Emmanuel, Louise, Gabriel, and Eleonore, attended the annual Christmas Concert at the Royal Palace. Mathilde is wearing a velvet Dries Van Noten with a striking floral pattern. Elisabeth might be the only person who could make me covet a velvet Diane Von Furstenberg jumpsuit.

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Modekoning in Mathilde reports another incident of mother/daughter earring sharing. She also has more photos on her blog, where you can peruse the details of these are seriously good ensembles.

Albert and Charlene hosted the annual children’s ceremony at the princely palace, aided by Louis Ducruet and Camille Gottlieb. The quartet distributed gifts to refugee children. I like Charlene’s knit coat (identified by The Royal Couturier as Peter Pilotto), which livens up the rather basic ensemble underneath.

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 Queen Maxima attended a recording of the Christmas Music Gala, which included performances by the largest school band in the Netherlands. I love Max in her sparkling Nina Ricci, always a win for her. The sequins are the icing on the Christmas cake.

What do you think of these Christmas ensembles? Do they channel the spirit of the season to you?