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Royal Rock Retrospective-The Fleur-de-lys Tiara

Spain has quite a few tiaras for their royals to choose from, but this tiara is generally considered a big gun and is only worn by La Reina.

Collage by Royal Europe on Instragram
Victoria Eugenia, Maria, Sofia, and Letizia, Queens Consort of Spain

King Alfonso XIII gave this tiara to his wife Victoria Eugenia for their 1906 wedding. There are two details about this piece which, for this writer, are very important. One is the symbolism of the fleur-de-lys itself as it is the symbol of the House of Bourbon. What better way to display your House than on the head of its senior lady? The other important detail is that the frame is built out of platinum, one of the lighter metals that can be used for tiara construction. It’s a large tiara and hopefully the comfort level is equal to the grandeur.

Even in lower light, the tiara sparkles.

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Spain’s Queen Letizia debuted the tiara in a big way when Argentina came to visit in 2017.

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Another grand historical tiara with familial symbols on display in the sparkliest of ways.

On what occasion do you think it was worn to its best capacity and by whom? Please show us a photo of your favorite appearance in the comments.


Royal Rock Retrospective–The Habsburg Fringe

The Habsburg Fringe is a spectacular piece set in gold and silver in the late 1800s by A.E. Köchert.

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It’s an impressive show of diamond power and has been worn by quite a few ladies of the Liechtenstein royal family. You can read more about it at The Court Jeweller or Luxarazzi.

I also found this history lesson on YouTube, which seems to be a translation and completely narrated by a computer voice. It’s got some great photos in it, so if you have a few spare minutes you might like to watch.

Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria (hence the Habsburg name) was thought to have been given the tiara on the occasion of her wedding.


Daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Amalie of Liechtenstein was the next owner, but photos of her wearing the tiara are scarce. We then move on to Elizabeth Amalie’s daughter in law, Georgina.

Georgina on a 1960 postage stamp.

The current wearer is Hereditary Princess Sophie. She doesn’t wear it very often and I’m glad whenever we can get a glimpse of it.

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Where does this piece stand on your Fringe dance card?


Royal Rock Retrospective

Let’s take a look at another lovely piece of jewelry used throughout generations, this time the Lotus Flower (sometimes known as the Papyrus) Tiara in the British Royal Family.

Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, wore this tiara low and slow in the fashion of her time.

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Her daughter, the Princess Margaret, wore this piece in the fashion of her time which has carried through to modern times.

Margaret, wearing 75% of her orders, Google images.

Margaret’s daughter-in-law Serena wore this piece on her wedding day to David.

The current Countess of Snowdon, Google images.

Lastly, we have seen this tiara most recently on Catherine. A lovely surprise to see when debuted at an incoming state visit from China.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Google images.

For me, this tiara has a nice balance of design and size. It’s a significant piece without overpowering any of her wearers.

Yes, tiaras are girls.