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We are reallllllly stretching our ROYGBIV category now with this week's entry in our series, but by popular request, I present Stripes! For me, stripes are much like gold. Very easy to look garish, but also the potential to look absolutely spectacular. Let's get started! Sweden Victoria has worn this striped Dolce & Gabbana dress… Continue reading ROYGBIV—Stripes

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Welcome to this Thursday's edition of ROYGBIV. Today we'll be looking at gold entries. For me, gold clothing is hit or miss. It can either be so incredibly gaudy or really classy. Here's hoping I picked some entries that please your eyes! If you'd like to look back on our lengthy ROYGBIV series, just search… Continue reading ROYGBIV—Gold

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ROYGBIV—Silver & Gray

It's Thursday and you know what that means! ROYGBIV is still in expanded form, and today we will dive into silver and gray royal clothing. Off we go! Sweden The ladies of Sweden rarely fully disappoint us in the gown category and here are a few great examples. Victoria in this fab and flowy Packham… Continue reading ROYGBIV—Silver & Gray

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ROYGBIV–Black, White, & Black and White jewelry

It's Thursday and it's time for our combo platter of black, white, and black & white jewelry! If you'd like a refresher on all of our ROYGBIV categories, please search for ROYGBIV in the Search the Handbag featured on the right side of your screen. Let's get to work! France Marie Antoinette's pearl pendant is… Continue reading ROYGBIV–Black, White, & Black and White jewelry

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ROYGBIV—Black and White

Welcome to another extracurricular category in our ROYGBIV series: Black and White. There are enough examples of this classic color combination to have our own category, no? Let's get started. Britain Beatrice wore this eye catching coatdress for one of Granny's 90th birthday celebrations and was the topic of many a conversation. A real departure… Continue reading ROYGBIV—Black and White