Spam the Autumn Wardrobe

Crown Princess Mary is in Greenland this week. During her Day One trip to Nuuk, Mary helped schoolchildren collect plastic and determine the origin of the waste, an initiative promoted by the World Wide Nature Fund. The Crown Princess has been the president of the organization since 2020. The organization promotes biodiversity and other environmental… Continue reading Spam the Autumn Wardrobe


Spam of the Week – Show us Your Sapphire Earrings

It's been an exciting couple of weeks around here, but we are finally settled down enough to return to some of our community-suggested spam. Let's take a look at some sapphire earrings, shall we? We’re dropping these famous earrings into the mix to start the conversation off. This is serious biz, folks, no April fooling… Continue reading Spam of the Week – Show us Your Sapphire Earrings