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Random Royaling – State Visit Norway and Jordan (Updated!)

The State Visit between Norway and Jordan is both historic and sartorially notable. It is the first state visit to the Middle East for King Harald and Queen Sonja, and there were some very intriguing ensembles on display.

It was good to see Harald looking so well during the Welcome Ceremony, and I find both of the Queens ensembles interesting. I really like brown with light blue accents, so Sonja’s dress is in my wheelhouse entirely, and any outing of those massive beads of hers makes my day. I am less enchanted with the length of Rania’s dress, but the front foldover detail is a nice touch, and no one can ever say she doesn’t shine in white. Rania’s dre ss is by Izeta and the shoes are Dior Cruise.

Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix

There were two seminars, a business and trade seminar where Sonja did some speechifying while wearing spiffy red, and a secondary seminar on supporting greater freedom and participation in the workforce for women. It always gratifies me to see how Rania supports the endeavors of Jordanian woman, and it’s also a topic close to Sonja’s heart.

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– Kvinners deltakelse i arbeidslivet har hatt større innvirkning på Norges økonomi enn våre inntekter fra olje og gass – tilsammen, påpekte Dronning Sonja i ettermiddag. Hun understrekte betydningen av likestilling da hun talte under åpningen av et norsk-jordansk næringslivsseminar i Amman. Jordan har gjennomført viktige reformer de senere årene for å øke kvinners deltakelse, for lønnslikhet og mot diskriminering. – Norge støtter disse initiativene, sa Dronningen, og uttrykte håp om at Norge kan inspirere til ytterligere innsats ved å dele egne erfaringer på området. I kveld er Kongeparet Kong Abdullah og Dronning Ranias gjester ved en bankett til ære for statsbesøket. Foto: Tom Hansen @hansenfoto #kongehuset #kongharald #dronningsonja #kingharald #kingabdullah #queenrania #queensonja #statsbesøk #statevisit #Jordan

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Alas, the banquet was bereft of tiaras, somewhat expected in today’s climate. However, both Sonja and Rania represented well. Rania wore a sumptuous blue and liquid gold embroidered gown, and Sonja glowed in white, as she does.

Photo: Tom Hansen,

The couples visted the baptism site of al-Maghtas, on the Jordan river. In Christian belief, this is the site where John the Baptist baptised Jesus. The Royal Couturier has identified Rania’s outfit as Michael Kors.

Embed from Getty Images

More information on the visit can be found on the Norwegian Royal website and Queen Rania’s Closet. Let us know what you think of the visit in the comments.


Open Post – South Korean State Visit to Sweden

From Norway to Sweden, South Korea is making its way through Scandinavia, and there are TIARAS a foot!

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his wife Kim Jung-sook are in Sweden for a two-day state visit. The purpose of the state visit is to promote the 60 year diplomatic relationship between Sweden and the Republic of Korea.

Vickan and Daniel were on hand to greet the President and First Lady, along with C-P and Sofia. Maddie and Chris weren’t there, but did attend the State Dinner later in the evening.

Embed from Getty Images

The State Dinner was held at the Royal Palace later in the evening.

Gown: Jenny Packham. Photo:
Kungahuset on Facebook
Gown: Self Portrait. Photo:
Kungahuset on Facebook
Gown: Carolina Herrera. Photo:
Kungahuset on Facebook

The table settings were something to behold as well.

Kungahuset on Facebook

Day two of the State Visit from South Korea. Nothing as exciting as tiaras I’m afraid, but we here at Lilibet’s Handbag are equal opportunity royal event bloggers.

Queen Silvia and Mrs. Kim Jung-sook visited Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde for a guided tour and tour of the prince’s old home and garden in the Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. They also visited Svensk Form at Skeppsholmen to attend the “Korea Sweden Young Design Award” ceremonies. After the ceremony, the prize winners were given the opportunity to show their work.

All photos: Kungahuset on Facebook

And although it has absolutely nothing to do with the State Visit but everything to do with Sweden, Happy Fourth Birthday to Prince Nicolas!

Photo: Kungahuset on Facebook

More to come! Make sure to share any photos or information you find out there. Open Posts are a way for us all to get involved!


Random Royaling – Auntie Astrid Lends a Hand

President Moon Jae-In and First Lady Kim Jung-sook of South Korea were in Norway on June 12th and 13th for a state visit. Unfortunately both Queen Sonja and Crown Princess Mette-Marit were absent due to illness, so who do you think they called in to cover? Princess Astrid, or Auntie Astrid, as we call her in these parts, is who. The 87 year young princess worked this event like a boss, with a little help from King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon.

Astrid was not at the drizzly welcome ceremony, but she did attend the official luncheon at the Royal Palace. I am very fond of both of the lady’s outfits, which are dignified with a little embellished zazz. I particularly love that Astrid added a zippy hat to finish off the ensemble.

Embed from Getty Images

Unfortunately, the photos from the banquet are few and we have no glimpses of Auntie Astrid, nor can we confirm she was there. We do have this lovely shot of the First Lady in a traditional dress, though!

The President and First Lady are now headed to Sweden, so keep an eye on this space for more information on their Scandinavian sweep.


Open Post – Dutch State Visit to Ireland

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are paying a state visit to Ireland at the invitation of Irish president Michael D. Higgins. They will visit Dublin and Cork from Wednesday, June 12 to Friday, June 14, for a mission focused on enhancing economic cooperation between the two countries.

The schedule for the visit is below. We will update as photos become available, but feel free to provide any comments/intel/photos you happen upon in the comments below.

Wednesday, June 12
Welcome Ceremony, The King, Queen and President and Sabrina Higgins
Wreath laying at Dublin’s Garden of Remembrance
Afternoon visits with IT, Tech and Business Leaders
Evening State Banquet

Thursday, June 13
Visit with Lord Mayor of Dublin
Visit to Trinity College, viewing of Dutch ‘Fagel Collection’, 
Reception for Dutch residents of Ireland
In the evening, the King and Queen will host Irish dignitaries at a performance by the Dutch dance company, NDT, followed by a reception.

Friday, June 14
Travel to Cork, greeting by Lord Mayor
Visits to maritime and port development industries in Cork and Cobh
Visit to Camden Fort Meagher

For the Welcome Ceremony and day activities, Maxima is wearing a Claes Iversen dress with gold ring embellishments on the sleeves. This Iverson collection was inspired by the golden rings women of the Ndebele tribe in Africa wear around their necks. (H/T to Triple A).

Embed from Getty Images

Finally, banquet photos are available to us! Thanks to Triple A (and a few other on-the-case Handbaggers) we know that Max is wearing a Jan Taminiau repeat with an emerald parure that he describes SO MUCH BETTER than I could! Please seek his comments out below. I will say this is the amazing mutating color dress – in the outdoor pics it looks green and it morphs to teal in some of the dining room photos. Excellent coordination with Mrs. Higgins, too.

Embed from Getty Images

Day 2 is vintage Max. Big brimmed hat, big brooch and big smile, despite the rain. Max has reached back into the Natan portion of the closet, but this is a good one. Love the color. Love the slight texture in the top.

Embed from Getty Images

Check out the big brooch on Max. This bow diamond brooch is an excellent frame for the citrine that Max has added on for this visit. Our resident kamerheer, Triple-A, has some interesting intel on it in the comments, and shows some photos of it in different iterations. Check it out below!

Embed from Getty Images

Well, well, well! Here’s a gorgeous blast of colour to brighten dreary skies! Another Natan repeat, but a good dose of brightness to send the message that the House of Orange is on the land.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Day 3 found Max in a much repeated sunshine yellow Natan. She has worn this several times before, most recently in 2017. I always feel Max does well in yellow. She certainly brought the bright colors along on this visit. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t conducive to showing off the yellow, so she had to bundle it under a trench coat.

Embed from Getty Images

If you would like more information on the jewels and clothes from this visit, see ModekoninginMaxima, or read through our comments and enjoy!


Brit Brief Open Post – US/UK State Visit

Note: We will avoid discussion of American politicians, political wives and families, and policy on these U.S. state visit posts. We will instead focus on the royals, and we ask that you follow suit in the comments. Thanks!

The U.S. President and First Lady, accompanied by their family,  will begin a three-day state visit to the United Kingdom starting June 3. We will update this post with photos of the royal participants as they become available. Actual times can be found here.

Day 1:
Ceremonial Welcome Buckingham Palace Gardens (The Queen, Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall)
Private Lunch (Members of the Royal Family)
Visit Westminster Abbey (Duke of York)
Tea at Clarence House (Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall)
State Banquet (The Queen and Members of the Royal Family)

Day 2:
Business Breakfast Downing Street (Prime Minister)
Business Talks and Joint Press Conference (Prime Minister)
Return Dinner Winfield House (Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall)

Day 3:
Commemorative Events 75th Anniversary D-Day (The Queen and Prince of Wales)
Formal Farewell (The Queen)

For the welcome ceremony, The Queen is wearing a coat by Stewart Parvin in pale green over a pleated silk dress. Her hat is by Rachel Trevor-Morgan, and I believe we spy the Cambridge Emerald brooch which, geek that I am, excites me a bit too much. She is flanked by two ladies in white, which makes for quite a visual impact and makes me wonder how planned these appearances are. The Duchess of Cornwall is wearing an Anna Valentine dress and Philip Treacy hat. Thanks to AG, we have identified the Duchess’ choker as the four-strand with a small diamond clasp.

Embed from Getty Images

Banquet photos are coming in. White gowns and tiara surprises are the order of the night. Starting with the center of it all: here is the Queen, in the Burmese Ruby and Queen Victoria’s Crown Ruby Earrings and Necklace.

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Cornwall, also in a repeated white gown, wearing the Boucheron Honeycomb tiara. May I add, great hair, ma’am ; ).

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge, in the Cambridge Lovers Knot, and wearing her new family order and sash. She’s wearing a fabulously frothy and tiered lace white dress by Alexander McQueen. She is wearing the dangling sapphire and diamond fringe earrings from the Queen Mother’s collection. She has a four strand pearl bracelet on her wrist, and we believe we spy her Oak Leaf brooch securing her sash.

Embed from Getty Images

The Countess of Wessex, sporting her newly configured Wedding tiara (closer photos downthread), and a lovely lavender gown.

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Gloucester, looking terrific in blue and her Honeysuckle tiara (links and close up photos below).

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Michael, in the Kent Pearl Festoon (close-up below) and Princess Alexandra, in the Ogilvy tiara.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Anne, wearing the utterly fabulous and completely under-utilized Aquamarine Pineflower tiara. The brooch used to secure her sash was originally part of the tiara.

Embed from Getty Images

We have some fairly good up close photos of tiaras from the passing cars. Prince and Princess Michael, she in the Kent Festoon tiara.

Embed from Getty Images

Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, she in the Gloucester Honeysuckle tiara.

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge in the Cambridge Lovers Knot, with a pair of sapphire and diamond danglers (previously seen in 2015).

Embed from Getty Images

Of course, the most exciting tiara sighting has been the new, tightened up version of Sophie’s wedding tiara. Doesn’t it look much better? Cat ears begone. All her jewels are on point tonight. The necklace is tentatively identified as from the Queen’s drop demi-parure.

We think there has been an additional base added, and each side element has lost the inner scroll. Everything has been moved together. The whole thing looks much more coherent.
You make the call. What has been added?

Some good sparkle if you swipe through to the video below! It’s the third image.

Photos of the return dinner at Winfield House – the residence of the Ambassador of the US – are trickling through. Camilla’s second evening look of the week is a white gown with sheer sleeves and a floral embroidered overlay, by Fiona Clare.  Personally, I am happy to see she went with ice and not pearls around her neck, since we can’t get enough of her  Pear Drop Diamond demi parure .

Embed from Getty Images

They can can invite me over for dinner at Winfield House any time! Lovely setting, isn’t it?

Embed from Getty Images

On Wednesday, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II attended the D-day 75 Commemorations in Portsmouth, England. The political heads of 16 countries involved in World War II joined the event. All 16* signed an historic proclamation of peace to ensure the horrors of the Second World War are never repeated.

*(Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.)

Embed from Getty Images

The Queen wore a pink coat over a floral silk dress. Her choice of the Centenary Rose brooch is sentimental and highly personal, a tribute to her mother. As the embodiment of living history, I often wonder what the Queen is thinking of at events like this.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The text of the Queen’s remarks is below.

Finally, a video of The Queen’s remarks. With that, we conclude our “official” State Visit coverage. The comments will remain open for a few more days. Up next: Brit Brief Open Post – Trooping the Colour. Look for it late Friday evening or early Saturday morning. The event itself begins June 8, at 10:00 a.m. local time.

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“It is with humility and pleasure, on behalf of the entire country – indeed the whole free world – that I say to you all, thank you,” Her Majesty The Queen today gave a speech at the #DDay75 Commemorative event in Portsmouth today. During the speech, The Queen referenced her father, King George VI’s, D-Day broadcast. “…What is demanded from us all is something more than courage and endurance; we need a revival of spirit, a new unconquerable resolve…” The Queen and The Prince of Wales, attended the event alongside world leaders to commemorate D-Day which took place during WW2 and considered one of the largest military operations in history. Swipe across in the gallery to hear the full speech. 🎥 courtesy of @bbcstudioslive

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