Open Jubilee Post – Big Jubilee Lunch and Pageant (Updated!)

We are wrapping up four days of celebration with a bang! We should see a good contingent of royals at the Pageant, and at least the Wales and Wessexes at lunches. Jubilee Lunches Jubilee lunches are being hosted all over the country! Over 60k people have registered to host the lunches during the weekend across the… Continue reading Open Jubilee Post – Big Jubilee Lunch and Pageant (Updated!)


Queen-in-Training – Ingrid-Alexandra Turns 18!

Hofdame Note: Thank you to Baguette Ween for the schedule information below! We appreciate you keeping us updated on all Norwegian events! As of her eighteenth birthday today, Princess Ingrid Alexandra is considered an adult member of the Norwegian Royal Family. This is momentous, another step in the life of the Princess who will eventually… Continue reading Queen-in-Training – Ingrid-Alexandra Turns 18!