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Random Royaling – The Summer of the Flowing Print

They are all doing it, folks. I realize the trend of the flowing print midi started well before this summer (too long ago for some of us) but since it shows no sign of slowing down, I thought we would take a look at some of the best efforts over the past two months. Again, I think I am being worn down by pure repetition, because not only did I not mind these, I flat out liked them. In one case, loved them.

Kate is wearing a flowing, filmy number by Ridley London. While I am not overly fond of the enormous dust ruffle decorating the hem, the fabric itself is lovely, and looks like it would be cool and delightful to wear. The whole thing flows.

Embed from Getty Images

Victoria’s entries into the flowing field have been extremely problematic for me, mostly because I love how she looks in solid sheaths. This print silk midi by H&M is both a flattering spring (it was still spring at that point) color, and the flow of the dress works with her figure.

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Leti’s silk dress by Sandro isn’t her usual, but it is certainly flattering. I really like this on her, probably due to the boldness of the pattern and the surprisingly slim silhouette for something so unstructured. Now, would this work on someone less fit and slender than the Queen? Possibly not. Maybe my love for the blue ombre shoes is skewing my perception of the whole thing.

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I am not entirely sure why I love Madeleine’s polka dot midi. It has a handkerchief hem which usually drives me mad, and gathered puffed sleeves which set me on edge, but it just works for her. Maybe it’s her height, maybe it’s the freshness of the unexpected color combination, but whatever it is I find this just a delight. (All photos of Madeleine Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court ).

Just a note…we will have an ROGBIV that focuses on florals, so if you are going to post your own favorite print, make sure to keep something in reserve for that feature.

How does this trend sit with you?

Open Post – South Korean State Visit to Sweden

From Norway to Sweden, South Korea is making its way through Scandinavia, and there are TIARAS a foot!

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his wife Kim Jung-sook are in Sweden for a two-day state visit. The purpose of the state visit is to promote the 60 year diplomatic relationship between Sweden and the Republic of Korea.

Vickan and Daniel were on hand to greet the President and First Lady, along with C-P and Sofia. Maddie and Chris weren’t there, but did attend the State Dinner later in the evening.

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The State Dinner was held at the Royal Palace later in the evening.

Gown: Jenny Packham. Photo:
Kungahuset on Facebook
Gown: Self Portrait. Photo:
Kungahuset on Facebook
Gown: Carolina Herrera. Photo:
Kungahuset on Facebook

The table settings were something to behold as well.

Kungahuset on Facebook

Day two of the State Visit from South Korea. Nothing as exciting as tiaras I’m afraid, but we here at Lilibet’s Handbag are equal opportunity royal event bloggers.

Queen Silvia and Mrs. Kim Jung-sook visited Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde for a guided tour and tour of the prince’s old home and garden in the Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. They also visited Svensk Form at Skeppsholmen to attend the “Korea Sweden Young Design Award” ceremonies. After the ceremony, the prize winners were given the opportunity to show their work.

All photos: Kungahuset on Facebook

And although it has absolutely nothing to do with the State Visit but everything to do with Sweden, Happy Fourth Birthday to Prince Nicolas!

Photo: Kungahuset on Facebook

More to come! Make sure to share any photos or information you find out there. Open Posts are a way for us all to get involved!


Royal Retrospective – Victoria at the Polar Music Prize

Yesterday we discussed this year’s Polar Music Prize. Today we are taking a trip down memory lane with Crown Princess Victoria.

Victoria usually goes quite a bit outside of her wheelhouse for this event, and we’ve had some pretty interesting looks from her.

Last year was a one shoulder gown by Stylein, from their A/W 18 collection.

For 2017 Victoria wore a custom made gown by Diana Orving.

In 2016 Victoria paired a Ralph Lauren dress with a necklace from H&M’s 2014 Conscious Collection (although she did blend into the white carpet…).

In 2015 it was a gown by Dagmar.

2014 included some more H&M, with a dress from their Conscious Collection.

2016 is definitely my favorite (so far), but she’s had some pretty good ones. What do you guys think is her best?

Which of Victoria's looks was your fave?

Defense of the Event – Polar Music Prize

The Polar Music Prize is a prestigious honor, spanning all musical boundaries. It is awarded yearly to individuals, groups, and institutions. Grandmaster Flash, Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Playing For Change Foundation were the Laureates of 2019. As usual, members of the Swedish Royal Family were there to lend support. Head here to read more about the prize.

We decided that the Handbag Community would want to defend (or not!) all of the dresses from yesterday’s ceremony in Stockholm. Lots to talk about here….so let’s not dilly dally further.

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Victoria

Designer Selam Fessahaye created this bespoke gown for Victoria, but we have no further information beyond that. We’ll just let you gaze upon the photos to make your own judgment.

Embed from Getty Images

The Handbag: A very large pink explosion, that somehow got cut off above the knee in the front; however, I don’t hate it. I don’t want to get near it, but I admire it in its unabashed commitment to both pink and tulle.

OC: Love it in all its frothiness. The earrings are a step too far. All she needed was a decent size diamond stud.

LG: Usually Vickan goes a bit outside her comfort zone for this one, and this time it worked! Agree with OC about the earrings, but I love it as is!

LiL: It might be okay if the tulle was restricted to the bottom half and it wasn’t so overwhelmingly pink. As is, no.

Princess Sofia

Sofia is wearing a new to her Dolce & Gabbana floral midi dress with sheer sleeves and decorative daisies around the neckline and waistline.

Embed from Getty Images

The Handbag: Yeah, well, I don’t understand the trim. I don’t understand the fabric. I do like the sheer sleeves. Overall, though, I don’t understand why such a gorgeous woman would want to disguise herself like a hippie heading to the entrance gates at Woodstock.

LG: This is my usual complaint about head to toe floral frocks, its just too much. Shorter sleeves, more open neck and maybe…

LiL: The worst thing this gorgeous woman has ever done to herself. There isn’t one good thing to say about any of it.

Queen Silvia

Another gown on which there is not a lot of intel floating around. Here are the photos, you decide what you think.

Embed from Getty Images

The Handbag: If I could see past that schmatta of a shawl, I might actually like it. I think the print looks as if it might be super spring-like and pretty.

LG: From what I can see…no. Get rid of the shawl and I’ll reconsider.

LiL: Oh, no. No no no.

How do you feel about these dresses at this event?

Catching Up With: Swedish National Day

Sweden has celebrated its National Day on June 6 since 1983. It was established on that date in honor of two events: the crowning of Gustav Vasa in 1523 and the adoption of a new constitution in 1809.

The Swedish royals are enthusiastic supporters of National Day. There are many types of regional national dress in Sweden, but the royal women are wearing the national dress that was initially designed in the early 1900s. It was brought back to prominence by Queen Silvia and became the national costume in 1983. It is the one dress that’s designed to represent Sweden as a whole, and it’s called “Sverigedräkten”.

Most of the family gathered together here to participate in a ceremony at Skansen.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The family also split up duties, with Victoria and Daniel heading to celebrate at Haga Park in Solna. Victoria wore a brightly printed floral blouse and top by Rodebjer. I find Victoria commanding when giving a speech, and I think that posture has a lot to do with it.

The King and Queen headed to the province of Dalarna, to be enthusiastically greeted by crowds. Maybe they heard that Sils was going to be wearing this terrifically fresh looking white suit?

Carl Phillip and Sofia covered the activities at the Royal Palace, and Sofia appeared in national costume, because when you look that good in it, why change?

Let us know what you think of Swedish National Day below.