Thank You!

Let’s wrap up this wild and busy weekend with a few thank yous from the Handbag.

First, thank you to all my fellow Hofdames. This blog would NEVER function without you!

To LiL – Who designed the featured image for all our Jubilee posts, and carried the load for the “I’m sure it won’t be so busy Saturday HA HA HA” post when the rest of us were out of internet range. She kept up the Instagram account, too! Also, did you know she can blog while she walks?

To LG – Who *always* knows who is related to who, what order that royal is wearing, and is the only one of us who can reliably identify brooches, bracelets, and earrings at a glance. She’s our royal Wikipedia.

To OC – Who is our “back pocket rocket.” Are you wondering how we manage to maintain a fun yet respectful comments section in the often contentious royal world of blogging? Look no further than eagle-eyed OC, who keeps moderation moving along smoothly.

To the following bloggers, who were run ragged from event to event yet managed to identify almost every item of clothing worn by the royals and extended family: UFONoMore (let’s hope Heaven gets some rest soon), Royal Hats, Polka Popp, Middleton Maven, and Royal Watcher. Give them a follow!

To all Baguettes and Hofdudes – You are the reason we do this. If not for you, there is no us. Thank you for the comments, photos, clothing identification, notes on jewelry, family information, and the respectful, fun discussion. You’re the best.

Finally, to our blog’s Northern Star. I want to think she’s sending a message to us here:

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God Save the Queen.