The Abdication – Fashions Of Empress Michiko

Big changes are coming for Japan. As we take a look back and a look ahead, I thought we should also take a look at Michiko’s Royal Wardrobe. We’re all familiar with the Empress’ tiny hats and capes from the last 20 years or better, so I’ll be featuring her early days as Crown Princess in the late 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Virtually all photo credit goes to the pinners on Pinterest.

I think it’s safe to say the Crown Princess was most certainly an icon in her day!
CP Michiko, Empress of the turban-ish/fluff hat. And look at that skin!
Her daywear absolutely sings to me. Other than the fact that it would put me firmly into my 70s, I would have LOVED to have been around for 50s-60s-early 70s.
Formal gowns and traditional Kimono. She looks so lovely in both. And did you know she was a harpist! I didn’t.

So how do you like your Michiko? Caped and tranquil, or Dior/Chanel suited back in the day?

As a bonus I have provided a few links to various articles about both the Empress herself and her clothing. You should take a look. They provide some unusual insights into this very private institution and woman.