The Duchess of Sussex and Givenchy…

….dance together again.

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February 7, 2019: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the annual Endeavour ceremony. The Duchess of Sussex is wearing a custom Givenchy blouse and skirt, Givenchy black satin clutch and  Aquazzura Rendez Vous Suede Mules.

I understand the concept of pairing up the business-like effect of a button down shirt with a slim long skirt for an evening outing. It has been brilliantly done by Sharon Stone, the late great Carolyn Bessette, and the ever-youthful Carolina Herrera. What hasn’t been done, at least in any high-profile way, is a maternity appearance in this vein. Now it’s apparent why. The whole effect of the crisp business shirt against a slim black skirt is thrown off by an undeniably pregnant form.

This type of effortless chic actually takes a lot of backstage contrivance to achieve. The design house didn’t make this easier for her, handing off a bespoke design that appears very difficult for a pregnant woman to wear. The oversize shirt looks as if it moves around with step, and the skirt wraps around the mid section in an unflattering manner. From what we have seen so far, Givenchy designs rarely suit Meghan. I feel she should flee into the arms of another, more sympathetic designer – cough, Carolina Herrera, cough.

The lack of visible jewelry and the rolled-up sleeves add to the casual effect above the waist, which makes me welcome the glimpse of bling in the shoes.

The beautiful face cannot be denied, and the fact that her consort looks thrilled to have someone do these events with him is an absolute fact. Onward, Sussex duo, onward. I’m filing this one in my “let’s just forget about it” section of my memory.