The Great Wedding Gown Game – Contemporary Version

I just love wedding dresses. Love everything about them. Love all kinds of wedding gowns, and all styles. Short. Long. Midi. Maxi. Embellished. Utterly simple. BRING THEM ON.

So why haven’t we had a wedding gown competition here? There are a couple of good reasons. First, we really try not to compare women against each other. Second, all wedding gowns are beautiful to their wearers. So it’s with a deep breath we embark on this, knowing that Baguettes can separate the clothes from the women, and that everyone knows this competition is low-stakes, pure fun. It’s just a way for us to ooh and aah over beautiful clothes.

We have a couple of ground rules. We will run a historical wedding gown game at some point, so this is for contemporary dresses only. Contemporary casts a wide net, but our cut off date for it is 1921, or a span of 100 years. Also, stick to royal wedding gowns or closely royal adjacent – like La BB or Lady Gabriella Windsor. No celebrities or politicians or pure socialites. A good rule of thumb is that there should be at least a royal or two in attendance at their wedding. Focus on the dress and styling, not the wearer and what you might think of their lives/personalities. Also, stick to the actual ceremony gowns for this go around.

To vote, add your wedding dress to the poll below, and post a photo of it in the comments. You can vote for any dress as many times as you like. Don’t fret too much if your pick drops to four or five. We’ll take the top fifteen wedding dresses from this post and slowly winnow them down over the next few weeks.

The Hofdames will start you off as we like to do ; )

The Bag – I have so many favorites. SO MANY. But Beatrice Borromeo in her Armani lace gown? The train is lace, folks. My heart stops.

LG: Could there be any other choice??? My #1, now and probably forever, Crown Princess Victoria.

OC: My contemporary wedding love is Daisy of Denmark. Deceptively simple, heirloom lace, square edges on the train…perfection.

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LiL: I’m throwing caution to the wind and picking a totally new gown for this feature. Lady Gabriella Windsor’s gown from 2019. I thought everything about it was gorgeous. It was perfect.

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Give us your favorite contemporary wedding gown!