Guest Tiara Tales Post – Princess Sofia’s Wedding Palmette

Hofdame Note: Every time Princess Sofia of Sweden wears her diamond palmette wedding tiara, I joke “who has the spreadsheet”? She has worn that tiara in so many iterations it is a data gatherers dream.

Who knew that we had a member of the community doing the actual research? Thank you to Mrs. Diamond for this post! You are a true data-driven Baguette! Please note that we may have missed a few outings, so add them if you would like. The spreadsheet is attached under “Comments and Spreadsheet”.

This is very interesting! Princess Sofia has worn four tiaras other than her wedding palmette, for five different events, all taking place during six months! We can speculate it was when she was first offered other tiaras, maybe while thinking about re-designing her wedding tiara, and then during the period of actually redesigning it. It was probably fun for her to try on a few other tiaras, and then she could decide whether she wanted to continue doing that, or have her own tiara become a go-to, with various “toppers”.

It’s likely she’s still allowed to borrow tiaras from the vault, but it’s obvious she prefers her own tiara. We’re just lucky she has so many tiara events to attend – even with her year and half hiatus due to the pandemic.



11/2021 State Visit from Spain – Pearls


6/2019 State Visit from South Korea – Pearls



Here’s the period when she was wearing other options from the vault.


2/2016 – Representation Dinner – Emeralds (last appearance of the old frame)



What is your favorite configuration?

Comments and Spreadsheet

If you thought you had seen that tiara a lot, you certainly did! The count is:

  • 8 emerald appearances (4 with the old frame)
  • 1 blue topaz appearance
  • 6 diamond only appearances
  • 8 pearl appearances
  • 1 turquoise appearance
  • 5 other tiara apperances

Anyone who wants to take up the task can download the spreadsheet here!