Trooping Trivia and Predictions!

In preparation for the beginning of Jubilee celebrations tomorrow, let’s have a little Trooping trivia, followed by some Trooping predictions.

__________________ was the last year the Queen wore a uniform and inspected the troops.

The name of the horse on that last ride was:

_______________ was the only year of her reign that the Queen did not attend Trooping.

She did not attend that year because....

Then Princess Elizabeth first attended Trooping in ________.

What colo(u)r will she wear? As Hardy Amies said, the Queen’s favorite colo(u)r is the one she is going to wear next, so predictions are a dodgy thing. Here is a sampling from her past appearances so you can get inspired to make a choice! I am predicting yellow. No reason why, I just feel it!

What color do you expect to see on the Queen tomorrow?