Twenty for the Twentieth – Max and Wax’s Twenty Best Appearances

Twenty years ago, on February 2, 2002, Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, married Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti. The couple met at the Seville Fair three years previously. The wedding itself was as spectacular as one would expect, and the next twenty years gave us many MAX and WAX moments to admire and sometimes flat out amaze us.

We have learned lessons from the “Forty for the Fortieth” that we ran for the Duchess of Cambridge. Baguettes and Hofdudes love their royal moments and can easily provide us with examples of the best. So instead of giving you our twenty (and believe me, we could have given you a hundred), we are just presenting each of our favorite moments, and giving the community the opportunity to fill in the rest. I have no doubt we will have more than twenty appearances nominated.

As always, if you add your pick to the poll and a photo in the comments, it helps your chances. You all have three choices. The poll closes Friday at noon.

The Handbag: I have to go with the State Visit to the United Kingdom 2018. Max and Wax do these visits so well, and this particular one was just amazing on every level. Max busted out the full Stuart and wore a repeat of the Jan Taminiau chiffon-caped gown, while the stately presence of the King was the icing on the cake.

LuckeyGirl: I can’t stick with just one. Here are my two: the Sochi Olympics with their home team spirit and general love for each other. The other is their glamorous appearance at Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding.

OC: Truthfully, I could choose a dozen items from over the years, but this throwback Instagram post from 2021 was so endearing to me, I had to pick it.

LiL: Ascot 2019. No other words are needed. Glorious all around.

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