U.S. State Visit to Japan

Note: We will avoid discussion of American politicians, political wives, and policy on these U.S. state visit posts. We will instead focus on the royals, and we ask that you follow suit in the comments. Thanks!

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako held their first state visit, hosting the U.S. President and First Lady. The Empress, with her diplomatic background and fluency in five languages, was an instant internet sensation. I am sure that will tickle all the seasoned royal watchers, who have known the quiet, resilient force that is Masako for many, many years. It also pleased me to see her looking so very good.

To greet the President and First Lady, Masako wore a fitted ivory suit, with her trademark bowler hat. She accessorized with her usual pearls, although it seems to me that her earrings were a bit bolder than usual. Also, note the very impressive teamwork on display here.

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Sadly, there were no tiaras in the evening, but Masako shone in a white jacket with a lace overlay and flowing skirt. She also wore a very impressive diamond and gold necklace, perhaps to give us all a bit of sparkle in the absence of a diadem.

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The Court Jeweller has some photos of Princesses Kiko and Kako at the evening reception, as well.

Royal Hats has a lovely write-up on Masako’s ensemble for the good-bye photo op. She has indeed made some subtle wardrobe changes that are paying off in big dividends.

What do you think of Masako’s State Visit debut? Does it do your heart good to see that the internet has “discovered” her?