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Valentine’s Day – Spam the Sweetheart Necklines

Hofdame Note: Thank you to our guest author geogirl for this special Valentine’s Day post. Enjoy her early entry to the holiday all weekend long!

A sweetheart neckline is a neckline on a woman’s garment, such as a dress, with a high back and a low-cut front with two curved edges resembling the conventionalized shape of a heart. Sounds like Valentine’s Day to me!

No one is exactly sure of the origins of the sweetheart neckline. There are those who claim the scalloped trip necklines of the Renaissance age in Italy were the first true sweetheart necklines. Others credit 18th century French designers with creating the attractive contours of the design. A third school of thought places the first ones as appearing in the court of Isabella in 15th century Spain.

Queen Maud, the Queen of the Sweetheart Neckline

Whatever the origins, the design has made a powerful impact on ladies’ formal wear for quite a long time. However, by the 19th and earliest 20th century, Queen Maud of Norway owned this design element. It was popular with royal and royal adjacent ladies in the mid-century.

In the mid-1990’s Princess Diana took over the world press with a sweetheart neckline that immediately made news as the Revenge Dress.   And Kate continues this in the 21st Century.

Interested in more? Here is an interesting link of 13 images that shows interesting 20th and 21 century versions of this wonderful feature.

Spam us with your special Valentine’s neckline – royals and royal adjacent all welcome.