Victoria and Daniel in Vietnam

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden took a trip to Vietnam last week, to draw attention to the 50 years of diplomatic relations between the countries.

Victoria and Daniel met with Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh at a reception at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi. Victoria wore the butterfly dress from her 40th birthday.

Later that day, and an outfit change later, the couple took to the streets to visit a few shops.

And one more change later for the official dinner.

At the reception Victoria received a gorgeous piece of fabric. Can’t wait to see what this becomes.


On their second day, they visited the UN Country Office, and later attended the Sweden-Vietnam Business Summit.

A bit of fun with a street vendor.

The couple started the last day of their visit with a trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

Afterwards they, and the delegation from the Sweden-Vietnam Business Summit met with some young entrepreneurs. After their meeting they attended a dinner with Mayor Nguyen Thanh Phong.

Overall it seems like a pretty successful visit, with some interesting dresses along the way. I’d have to say my faves are the yellow floral and the last pastel one.

What do you guys think of the trip?