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What If Wednesday: Christmas Fun

A lot of people complain about “boring backdrops” when it comes to royal Christmas cards. “Too beige”, “too blah”, “too snooze-worthy”.

Obviously they have no idea what they’re talking about, as the following photos clearly show.

At the Grand Canyon. I can’t think of a better photo for a Christmas card.
Disney heroes.
Enjoying the holidays at The Happiest Place on Earth.
Checking out an alternative situation You know, since the witch is dead and all.
Observing a geological phenomenon
Visiting “Auntie Sophie”. Probably should have called first.
Good thing they didn’t try this after Louis was born. I think he would have thrown off the weight needed.
Who doesn’t love a visit to pre-historic times?
Watch out George! We all know how Pennywise loves himself a tasty Georgie!
You’d think Betty would have picked a less remote place for tea.

So again, I really don’t understand why these cards are considered boring.