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What if Wednesday: Clothing

Clothing is always fun to do, even if it can be a bit challenging. Changing colors of items is super simple though, and we’ll be taking a look at that today.

First up is Crown Princess Victoria at the Cambridge wedding. That was A LOT of peach. I’m no fan of that particular color on anyone, so I thought a change was needed. Even different colored accessories helped. I can’t remember who it was that asked for the scarf on the right in the second slide, but while a bit heavy for a wedding I think it would do well at a different event.

Let’s stick with Sweden and see what can be done with BIG RED. For the record, I LOVE BIG RED as is. I really do. Hopefully we’ll see it again soon.

Last up is a mini-Sofia switch up. Some wanted to see her gown from her first Nobel ceremony switched from raspberry into a more traditional fall pallet.

What do you think of the color changes? I think my favorites are the purple and green changes to Sofia’s. How about you?