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What If Wednesday: Princess Marie of Denmark

You know who we hardly ever take a look at? Marie! Poor Marie. She’s stuck with one decent tiara and an iffy loaner. That hardly seems fair. Let’s help her out!

I think Mary needs to do her sis-in-law a solid and loan her this one for an evening.

Victoria has plenty of tiaras. She should send this one to Denmark ASAP.

Tilly? Perhaps you can work out a tiara share program.

Yeah, I don’t see this one happening anytime soon. LOL

I know it’s a tiny photo, but I think the Rosenberg could be fabulous!

And finally the Baden Palmette. I think this has potential with the right hair. I’m not sure this is the right hair. LOL

So do we need to start circulating the petition? Are there any tiaras you’d like to see her in?