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What If Wednesday: GGB&I

I can’t even begin to tell you how many requests I’ve had over the years for this one. It seems everyone wants to see our royal ladies sporting Betty’s “go to”. Remember, scale is never a guarantee, but I have been known to come pretty dang close.

Let’s start things off with four ladies who’ve never met a tiara they didn’t like, Vickan, Maddy, Sofia and Sils.

Gorgeous. I wish she was still going with the side bun.
Is there anything she can’t wear?
Such a beauty, our Swedish Sofia.
Sils really rocks a poof, doesn’t she? I wonder if it’s actually able to spread out this far?

Next up, people who actually live in the same house as the GGB&I – Cams, Kate, and Sophie.

Cams is going to have to work some ease into the frame if she doesn’t reign in the poofy poofy.
I think the future, future queen will look splendid in The Girls.
It’s probably a smidge too big here, but who cares. Sophie deserves a grand tiara!

Our “Triple M” threat – Mary, Mette-Marit, and Mathilde.

Maz is killing it.
I would love for her to get her hands on a tiara similar to The Girls. She’d probably wear it without the base though.
Forgive the dramatic background. A photoshopper’s gotta do what a photoshopper’s gotta do.

And last but not least, Queens Leti and Máx .

Leti takes The Girls very seriously. Good for her.
Maybe we can convince Betty to start up a European Tiara Swap.

So what’s the verdict? Does anyone else “wear” it as well as Betty? Is there someone you’re just dying to see in it that I missed? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!