What if Wednesday: Just a Wee Tweak

Sometimes all an outfit needs is a wee tweak (or ten) to make it just right. Let’s take a look at various modifications, both many and few.

Mette-Marit’s delft-inspired gown was a topic of much discussion at the Dutch inauguration in 2013. I liked it, (if I recall correctly), many did not, due to the claustrophobic vibe from the long sleeves and high collar. So I cropped out the sleeves and added a bit of waist definition to break up the pattern a bit.

I had so much fun doing that, that I threw caution to the wind and made many more modifications while I was at it. Short sleeves, short sleeves with white trim, short sleeves with belt, scoop neck, square neck… you’ll get the picture.

Moving on from M-M, we’ll revisit Queen Mathilde’s pink outfit from a visit to Paris in 2014. If memory serves, many were thinking there was far too much unrelieved pink, not to mention the GINORMOUS bow. So that got played with as well.

And removing the bow altogether, as well as using a fur collar, and a brooch.

Little, and some not so little, changes that can make a world of difference. What do you think? Do you prefer the originals, or do you like the tweaks? Let us know!