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What if Wednesday: Paperdoll Edition

Time for another look at dressing our royal ladies. This time around we’ll focus on multiples and swapping/sharing. But not Luxie sharing. Because that doesn’t always work out so well.

Sometimes a dress or gown comes along that people feel would fit several of our “royal paperdolls”, not just one. So I do my best to oblige. Sometimes it’s a new dress to everyone, and sometimes it can already be in a royal closet.

Information about this dress has gone the way of the wind. Was it already in a royal closet? No idea.
People liked Taylor Swift’s gown a few years back and wondered if I could royal it up a bit.
And finally on M-M, a Dior gown worn by Charlene in 2016. I opened up the neck a bit, which suits M-M much better…
And in Margrethe’s Balmain. Oh, how I love this gown!

What do you think? Could everyone here wear these dresses/gowns in real life, or is it best to leave each to their own? Let us know in the comments!