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What If Wednesday: Re-Worked Pieces

The surest way to become dead to me forever is to suggest alterations to the greatest tiara that ever tiaraed, THE FIFE. Yet people keep asking me to do it, time and time again. It’s a good thing I like you guys as much as I do.

Tinkering with perfection is never an easy thing to do, but even I have to admit that while I would never want any of this to happen, it wouldn’t be a total disaster if someone decided to MAKE A COPY (hands off the real deal) and go with some of your suggestions.

First, let us bask in its presence.

The two most requested “improvements” are to add color and/or eliminate some of the diamonds. *weeps*. So here you go.

No center stones
No center or top stones, and no top stones

What’s your opinion? Classic FIFE, or one of these other things? Let us know in the comments. And feel free to share any FIFE photos you might have if you were lucky enough to see it at KP!