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What If Wednesday: Runway to Royalty

Let’s take a look at some of the more “extreme” runway fashions that I have “royaled up” over the years. Our subject for this post will be Kate, since McQueen is one of her go to designers, and they are very well known for their out there designs.

I’ve always thought these dresses would be great for her. The designs are several seasons old at this point, but we all know that she isn’t opposed to buying stuff and holding it in reserve for a while.

I’m not really sure this is her style as it’s a bit bold in its pattern. But I think a redesign along these lines would work for her. I opened up the neckline and lost the top “bar” in order to lighten things up. And of course added about a foot and a half of length. LOL

I’ve always liked this print. I de-poofed the sleeves and shortened them. Then I turned it into a sheath, keeping the belt to help it retain a bit of its original edge.

This is my favorite of the lot, and didn’t need much alteration at all. It reminds me a bit of the dress she wore to the reception in Poland a few years back. I just closed up the sheer bits on the skirt, gave it a solid belt, and closed up the gaps in the bodice.

With a little nip and tuck here, and some well placed length and lining there, just about any extreme runway look can be adapted for royal wear! What do you think?