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What if Wednesdays: Clothing

Let’s take a look at the easiest thing I’ve been asked to do over the years: Color changes. There’s always a gown or dress that someone really likes, but are sure they would flat out LOVE if it had only been in a different color. I’ll feature both the original and altered photos to refresh your memories.

First up is Victoria in her “Kermit” gown. She looks great, but I think it would be so much better in a different color.

Some thought that Letizia’s ball gown worn for the Cambridge wedding, and more recently the Peruvian State Visit, would do better in different colors.

And finally for today, two very recent gowns of Kate’s. One is by Gucci and was worn to the “100 Women in Finance” gala dinner at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The other is a repeat outing of the teal Jenny Packham gown from 2012. The Gucci was fairly “blah” (not to be confused with “blergh”, as they are two different things entirely) so I punched it up a bit. And since I never have been in love with the color of the Packham, I had to fix that too. LOL

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Would you like to see more color options? I didn’t post EVERYTHING I have, so chances are I might have it ready to go! Let me know in the comments!