What’s On: Danish Division

How about a bit of Danish housecleaning before Mary descends upon Texas? It seems as though everyone was out and about over the past few days, and I really wish the people in charge of publicity for this family did a better job. You can read all about their scheduled events MONTHS in advance, but can you ever get a timely photo? No! Shape up, people. (Although I do have to admit that the Danes do social media way better than their Scandi counterparts.)

Anyhoo, Mary spent a few days with her troops, studying up on how to be a captain! Captain Mary of Denmark. I like that!

Fred spent a few days in Canada, working his magic on the ladies. And doing important stuff for the country too, of course. He was in Toronto to attend events promoting mining opportunities in Greenland and Danish architecture. 

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Benedikte wasn’t about to be left out of all the fun. She visited UN City in Copenhagen on March 5th. According to Google Translate, she was there to “visit UN City, Copenhagen and the 11 UN organizations that are housed here. She also visited the automated Supply Division Warehouse -the world’s largest humanitarian warehouse.”

Mary visited UN City a few days later on International Women’s Day, where she attended a “Gender Diversity Roundtable Discussion”. I love this entire outfit from head to toe. Fantabulous.

And last but never least, Queen Margrethe is vacationing in Norway right now, hanging with the family and watching some skiing.

Stay tuned for CP Mary’s Texas Tour, coming up later in the week. Did you all (or should I say did y’all) know Mary lived in Houston for a while as a child? I didn’t! Her father taught at the University of Houston in the early 70’s.