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Wild Wednesday – Royals in Animal Print

Do you think that royals confine their attachment to the wild to cuddling animals? No, they love to wear it, as well. Let’s take a look at some of the Handbag Hofdame favorites.

My personal favorite is up first. In June 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge wore the Dalmatian Print Mac coat by British High Street retailer Hobbs while attending the naming ceremony for the ship ‘Royal Princess’ .

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Queen Letizia is no stranger to the animal print. She wears it frequently, most recently this Hugo Boss leopard print coat in January 2019, while making an appearance at the Fundeu BBVA Foundation.

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My favorite Leti animal print appearance is this fitted leopard print blouse, worn at Zarzuela Palace in 2013.

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During a visit to Wellington, New Zealand, in 2016, our exuberant Queen Maxima wore this animal print on a vibrant blue background.

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Even Queen Elizabeth is not averse to the animal print, particularly when younger. Isn’t she glamorous here? Makes me wish she had gone this way more often throughout the years.

Identify the Royal

Can you match the royal to the leopard print apparel? For real royal watchers it should be snap! Let’s see your answers in the comments! Also, throw in your own print challenge if you feel so inspired.

And here are your answers: